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Zidane said no obvious penalty opponents: the referee misjudgment will bully the small team [information] Real Madrid 4-1 reversal still leads the C Ronaldo hat trick + miss Zidane that no penalty, opponents attacked the referee will take care of the Tencent in October 30th sports news Real Madrid giants (data) – O Travis, La Liga leaders get a penalty after the game caused considerable controversy Zidane, believe the penalty is undisputed, the home team criticized the referee, "for Real Madrid will never be found", "the referee will only bully the small team". Baer made a penalty in the first half, the ball is hit in the restricted area of the arm or head of Davidson, after the game caused a greater controversy. Zidane thought the referee had no problem: "I have never criticized the referee because they are doing a very difficult job. But today’s two penalty is clear to me." Marcello also said: "everyone can according to their own likes and dislikes to speak, but I will not discuss the referee, sometimes they will make accurate decisions, sometimes make mistakes, it is normal." Alves boss Pellegrino in protest at the referee was sent to the stands, of course he did not think the referee justice "I protest is a foul ball a red card, I hope that the judges can see clearly. It is difficult to make a single decision, especially if it is not good for you, but we must learn to cope with the situation." Then had the opportunity to join the Real Madrid Alves defender Alexis, speaking of the controversial penalty is not as polite as the Argentina coach, the referee is always the case, has been the case, they always for small teams. If Real Madrid is similar action, never whistle sounded, obviously, this is one hundred percent. Penalty kicks? Too big, but when we lead, but the referee just whistle…… I’m really tired of the referees, especially after 15 minutes, we have such a blow against the top teams, the game is too difficult." The hat trick of C Ronaldo, is the focus of Zidane praise: "the goal of course is a good thing. Into the three? That’s a good addition. Criticism of C Luo? I don’t have much to say, because he has used the performance to speak, he always like this. I am satisfied, he is also very happy, not only because of the ball, and the game in all aspects of the play well, playing very hard, when you are full of desire to play, you will reap." C Luo friends Marcello also said: to be able to score 3 goals, he was very happy, but he is more happy to take the team to take the 3 points. He was a bit annoyed at his performance, because he was born for a goal." Real Madrid executives think Emilio Butragueno, C Ronaldo will win the Golden Globes, Zidane agrees: "according to this year’s achievements, there is no doubt that he will win the Golden Globe award." The Pepe back injury, Zidane said: "go back to Madrid, we will let him accept the MRI, to see the results. I can’t say how long it will take for him to recover, the only thing I can say is that he will return as soon as possible, all of our players are ready to play, we will continue to work hard." (Cuchu)相关的主题文章: