Zhu Qizhan and Song Yulin song Wenzhi exhibition opening soon ajviewer

Zhu Qizhan, song Wenzhi Song Yulin works with the exhibition in September 1, 2016 ten in the morning, Lijiang food collection exhibition, Zhu Qizhan food Lijiang collection exhibition of works of Song Yulin, song Wenzhi landscape painting exhibition will be opened at the Liu Haisu museum. Zhu Qizhan Zhu Qizhan Poster (1892-1996), eighteen years of the Qing Dynasty at the beginning of May two in Jiangsu Taicang Liuhe Town, the name by Jun, No. two Zhan Zai, old people. A vegetarian, addiction, plum cottage home, a room of calamus. Mr. He began to study painting, youth had twice went to Japan to study painting and study art education, in Sichuan Fine Arts School, under the tutelage of a famous Japanese painter Toshima Takeji. Specializing in oil painting, after 1950, the main Chinese painting, good at landscape, flowers and write characters, the Chinese and Western painting into a furnace, then become their own style. The ink is sincere, of great momentum, everything without losing color Wordsworth, heavy seas. In 1931 professor of Shanghai Xinhua art school. 1933 funded construction of Xinhua art college, the director of research and mentor. In 1936, Xu Beihong and Wang Yachen founded the society of music and painting". After the new China served as, set up: Shanghai city museumlibrarian, Shanghai, Chinese painting artist consultant, Chinese Artists Association China Calligraphers Association, executive director of Shanghai Artists Association, Xiling Seal-Engravers’Society consultant, Professor of Shanghai Univer. The first outstanding contribution award of Shanghai literature and art. Mr Zhu Qizhan is a famous painter of Chinese painting master of longevity. After 1984 have held exhibitions in Shenzhen, Beijing, Hongkong and other places to visit the United States in 1980, New York, Houston and other places to give lectures. In February 1995, Mr. Zhu Qizhan art exhibition held in British Museum in July and held an exhibition in the United States San Francisco Asian Art museum. In 1991 the Taicang municipal government in its reconstruction "plum cottage". In 1995 the Shanghai municipal government established Zhu Qizhan Art Museum in Lu Xun park. The "Tan" in the painting, or painting, summarizes the life experience, advocating "draw your independence, individuality. The publication of "Zhu Qizhan album", "hundred year old Zhu Qizhan painting" etc.. Song Wenzhi song Wenzhi (1919-1999) in Jiangsu of Taicang. Graduated from Suzhou fine arts training school. Has a rock garden, worship Wu Hufan as a teacher, and Lu Yanshao, Zhu Qizhan’s guide. He has been engaged in art education in Taicang and Anting for a long time. Jiangsu Provincial Academy of traditional Chinese painting in 1957. Former: Jiangsu Chinese Painting Institute Vice President, Chinese Artists Association, vice chairman of Jiangsu Artists Association, CPPCC Standing Committee of Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu province wenshiguan deputy director, Professor of Nanjing University, national artist and other staff. Enjoy the State Council special allowance experts. Song Wenzhi on the basis of inheriting the tradition, the depth of life, forming a beautiful pale sink personal artistic style. Twentieth Century is the "new Jinling school" is one of the representative painters. His works have great influence at home and abroad, the representative of "changes", and "Jiangnan Spring", "at the Guangzhou shipyard", especially in the description of the Jiangnan water works as loved people, he drew a unique style and artistic conception of Jiangnan landscape, to create the tastes of the paintings, "the reputation of the Song Dynasty Taihu". He is between tradition and innovation相关的主题文章: