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In the oil futures: rangebound band operation opportunities strategy overview: US soybean yield is almost a foregone conclusion, export sales situation to the supply side, the U. S. weather hype or coming to an end, unless there are other unexpected weather conditions, yield increase the probability of the September USDA report. In the previous South American soybean production damaged under the background of U.S. soybean exports fell smoothly, either space or limited funds to maintain the net positions. At present, the lack of other points in the market to boost, slow digestion yield factors, rose slightly less power; from a technical point of view, fell after the broken bits, a technical rebound in demand. On the whole, either short-term fluctuating, after September, the focus of the market will be transferred to the South American soybean. South American soybean exports are sluggish, the new season of soybean planting area or the stability of exchange rates and other factors, Brazil farmers sell, soybean exports down. Argentina imports continue to increase due to the lifting of the ban. Rise in U.S. production led to the global soybean consumption ratio continued to increase in 201617. September market focus or will be transferred to the South American soybean planting situation. At present, Brazil, Argentina soybean acreage is expected to stabilize. Domestic soybean imports will continue to reduce the rate of soybean oil refinery operation smooth operation rate in September steady rise, due to poor downstream demand, soybean inventories are still high, in September the seasonal inventory reduction stage, or reduce the subsequent inventory and consumption; stable soybean oil squeezed the off-season and inventory accumulation. The inventory is higher than the same period last year. The global inventory consumption than low support market along with the subsequent soybeans to Hong Kong and oil refinery operation rate stable, or soybean oil stocks continue to accumulate at a high level, will be part of vegetable oil instead of soybean oil. But on the whole domestic soybean oil consumption than in the historical low position to support the soybean oil market. Taking into account the increase in the number of CFTC soybean oil, as well as to do more than the impact of the oil meal, from a technical point of view, to reach the key technical position, there is a rebound in the stage, the main band operation. Palm oil production is lower than the average of five years, in September the cumulative inventory of palm oil is lower than in previous years, although the increase in production cycle, but the increase in output is limited, which led to a decline in exports boosted inventory. At present, the domestic palm oil stocks are low, the spot price premium, palm oil has become a key factor in short-term trend strong support. Concerned about the actual amount of palm oil to Hong Kong, once the palm oil stocks to ease the port, palm oil trend or to become weak. Is still a strong idea. Conclusion: grease or band the opportunity to do more, pay attention to arbitrage from the supply, oil supply loose and vulnerable to substitute vegetable oil, palm oil stocks due to influence of tight supply, vegetable oil delivery pressure. After the rise in the past, the outflow of funds, technically there is a need to adjust the shock interval down. After reaching the key support, there may be a rebound in the market. On the whole, grease or maintain a range of shocks, band operation opportunities. Taking into account the current global oil stocks are low, tend to rebound after the callback to do more. September, if the palm oil stocks remain low, the short term after the spread of brown beans or continue to shrink. After the increase in the amount of palm oil to Hong Kong, consider long-term expansion of operations. Late attention to palm oil.相关的主题文章: