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Zhengzhou housing prices topped the country since constantly refresh the price records – Sohu news 2016, domestic first and second part of city land and housing prices rise in varying degrees. In order to strengthen the regulation of the real estate market, curb speculative investment in housing, a number of cities during the national day of the introduction of the housing purchase policy, Henan, where the Zhengzhou. According to the Luoyang Daily quoted the National Bureau of statistics data, in August of this year, Zhengzhou new house prices and second-hand housing prices are listed first in the country. In June 1, 2016, Henan Zhengzhou Rongsheng real estate to 1 billion 863 million yuan won the North Longhu No. 10 residential land, equivalent to the floor price of 26035.22 yuan per square meter, the price of 26 million 34 thousand yuan per mu. Oriental IC figure and the property market is hot at the same time, the king of the land market in Zhengzhou now, breaking the local nearly ten years the property market is not warm not fire situation. According to the "Chinese Economic Herald" reported that in the past 9 months, Zhengzhou has more than ten "the most expensive land, there are 1.5 plots in the refresh last month hit a record premium per month. July 26th, Henan, Zhengzhou, the construction site workers Mr. Cheng, from Anyang. IC is a construction worker from Anyang. As the city subway, in the face of high prices soaring, Mr. Cheng reluctantly waved his hand and said: "it is too expensive, can not afford to buy." Zhengzhou textile machinery factory is located in the main urban area, the plant witnessed the glory of the textile industry. In July 8th this year, the first Cheng textile machinery plots refresh the Zhengzhou price and the price record, as Zhengzhou Shanxi double the most expensive land, already retired Zheng textile machinery was introduced in the teeth of the storm. July 8th, Henan, Zhengzhou, after 566 rounds of bidding, Vanke and beauty jointly won jinshuiqu Cheng textile machinery first plots, a total of 93.29 acres, the total price of 2 billion 502 million 400 thousand yuan, the price of 26 million 820 thousand yuan per mu, the floor price of 13411 yuan per square meter. Oriental IC Zheng textile plots auction, caused a chain reaction, triggered a new round of price boom in Zhengzhou city. In July 20th, Henan Zhengzhou landmark building block "Zheng Cheng textile machinery textile machinery club". Oriental IC map according to the "Henan daily" reported that Zheng textile club building built in 1978, is a staff recreation of Cheng textile machinery, Zhengzhou city is also the important meeting venue. There were more than 3 thousand seats in the club building, which was the only big meeting place in Zhengzhou. Zheng textile block wall not far from there is a stadium, railing hanging clothes and bedding, steps are covered in glass, living in the vicinity of the children at play. Oriental IC map "Cheng textile machinery the most expensive land" will return to where the face of rebirth, still can make nothing of it. Followed by the Zhengzhou 14 plots auction. August 18th, Henan, Zhengzhou, North Lake District, block 14. Jinmao to total 3 billion 510 million yuan to win the 14 plots, the price of 41 million 835 thousand and 500 yuan per mu, the floor price of 36916 yuan per square meter. Oriental IC figure August 29th, Figure 14相关的主题文章: