Zhengzhou express little brother complained of anger into the customer’s home to discuss the justice-vidown

Zhengzhou express little brother complained of anger into the customer’s home to discuss the "justice" – Beijing river network news (reporter Guo Junhua) this year Spring Festival evening pieces "adventure" performance is the customer online shopping to a bad, businesses come to discuss the justice, but is the ending, to the satisfaction of all. In September 25th, a Zhengzhou express little brother is not like that, think the client malicious complaints, dinner time to customers home and make a fuss, beg for justice, even the police are called in, do not give up. Complaints: express mail clerk night into the customer home for "fair" in late September 25th 8, the people of Zhengzhou river network reporter Lu complained that a mail clerk rhyme delivery to yell his home. Send and receive said that he is a girl online shopping things complained to him, but also malicious complaints, came to his house, pointing to his girl to ask what. If he hadn’t run from the kitchen, he would have hit the girl. Mr. Lu had a trembling, sweating all over, the family took available Kyushin Pills, this was to stabilize. The police to the scene to deal with the courier said he was taken to the police station the reporters came to the home of complaints, two police are on-site inquiries situation. Mr. Lu and the complainant hung his head sitting in front of the bench, with a look of suffering, but also kept the sweat. At the door of the dining table, steamed fish and a bowl full of Rice porridge is not moving. Mr. Lu’s daughter said she bought a product online, after arriving in Zhengzhou in September 16th, they did not see the goods on the Internet to show the issue, in fact, in September 18th was really received. Express transceiver said, 18, sent to the company has been receiving complaints about him, and even the seller also received complaints on the 23 day, he just wanted to ask Mr. Lu’s daughter, why malicious complaints. Both sides said the rationale for each other, Mr. Lu’s daughter even took out her customer service with the seller’s chat records, but the courier does not recognize, that she malicious complaints, the company had to punish him. In response to this situation, the police asked: how do you deal with complaints? Is to let the courier directly to the customer’s home?" The courier hesitated not out. The police let him inform their company leaders. He picked up the phone and said he could not get through, and then said that the leadership went out to receive. Finally get through the phone, said he was taken away by the police, and then said he was in the police station, he even called his wife to the customer home. Courier company, the person in charge of the scene apologized courier did not recognize the rhyme when the courier arrived at the scene of the relevant person in charge, the courier is still entangled with mr.. Criticism of the person in charge, also do not accept. After persuasion rhyme company leadership and family counseling, ten o’clock in the evening, the courier promised to apologize to Mr. Lu, but the parties Mr. Lu’s daughter disdain, leave in anger. Mr. Lu said that he had returned from a business trip, please daughter and daughter’s boyfriend to eat, did not eat rice, but also almost made a heart attack. "Who dare to use such a courier company ah, not for money, don’t take in life." Mr. Lu said angrily, I hope rhyme Tatsu Express zheng.相关的主题文章: