Zheng Shuang to join the run male 5 Program group responded we do not know! – Sohu Entertainment 660003

Zheng Shuang to join the "run male 5"? Program group responded: we do not know! Sohu Zheng Shuang Entertainment (information)   Sohu entertainment news (Bai Mawen) since Angelababy was exposed after pregnancy, who will replace baby as the female guests that run men began to concern: from the universal goddess Hsu Chi to Qi Ju Jing and adorable sister? Popular beauty Victoria Song have been friends guess again. Today, the Internet has exposed with hot search constitution of Zheng Shuang will join "running man 5". Sohu entertainment for the first time to run brothers show program verification, when heard online news that Zheng Shuang to join the running man 5, the staff responded: we do not know this thing!" From Victoria Song to Ju Jing? To Zheng Shuang, the spread of the Internet in a number of "running man" lineup version, but "running man" program group staff to respond to all rumors: "on the show guests are candidates for rumors, or to wait for the official announcement please". As for the "running man 5" when launched, the staff said: "you have to wait until next year, now everything is still in the preparation stage, according to the progress of preparations for the program," running man 5 "very likely in the second quarter of next year will meet with the audience.相关的主题文章: