Zhejiang will build a cross domain remote file system of the provincial high court issued guidance puritans pride

Zhejiang will build a cross domain remote file system of the provincial high court issued guidance if you are in a remote village in Lishui, Hangzhou to think of a lawsuit, we must own the court filing to Hangzhou; if winning the lawsuit, the court will come again. This phenomenon, with the province’s court filing, big service, big mediation, the construction of the three mechanisms, will gradually become history. Recently, the provincial high court issued "guidance on the construction of three mechanisms", and held a provincial court will promote. With the construction and improvement of these mechanisms, the masses will be able to feel more convenient and fast judicial services. It is understood that the province’s court three mechanisms in the second half of this year to start construction, built in 2017, effective in 2018. According to the guidance in the future, the province’s courts at all levels to strictly limit the number and artificial control case, the conditions for acceptance shall not be set up in the legal, judicial interpretation of the provisions to increase beyond the threshold for filing, laws and regulations on the registration and filing, prosecution of private prosecution cases outside the law apply for receiving the complaint, not by materials do not meet the requirements, does not meet the prosecution conditions for not receiving the complaint and related materials; on receiving the complaint and related materials shall be issued by a written document, the complaint and the materials do not meet the requirements, must be corrected in time inform and deadlines, not without interpretation and inform directly inadmissible, not on file. The court of the province will open online filing service platform, the parties through the real name registration, can be submitted directly to the Internet on the first instance of civil litigation, administrative litigation, enforcement of the application and relevant evidence. In addition, the province’s courts will be established in the province wide inter domain filing system for the masses to provide cross domain, nearest, standard, convenient filing services. Guidance on the requirements of accelerating the court litigation service hall standardization construction, in the Litigation Service Center, in addition to the legal aid center of the people’s mediation organization, the people’s court in the workstation, the people court may establish NPC deputies and CPPCC members mediation room, the introduction of the women’s Federation, labor and social security, administration of industry and commerce, banking, postal and other departments the establishment of expert advisory services, counseling room, volunteer service stations, posts, and actively introduce professional enthusiasts, the society and the college students engaged in the volunteer service for the masses in the Litigation Service Center one-stop processing related matters to provide convenient. The guidance also stipulates that the court should establish the system of mediation platform, the establishment of pretrial counseling, mediation, litigation and conciliation, simple case speed cutting platform, to achieve a "one-stop" pretrial diversion, counseling before litigation mediation, appointed after filing the entrusting mediation, filing mediation, judicial confirmation of full-time judges Jane, fast cutting speed, case performance program.相关的主题文章: