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Zhejiang WeChat free photography studio boss set like scam cheated 140 thousand jailed for 3 years – Beijing, Beijing, November 2 Wenzhou Xinhua (reporter correspondent He Jiangyong Cang Xuan) 2, reporters from Cangnan county court in Zhejiang city of Wenzhou province was informed that the day before, Wenzhou studio boss Zou WeChat set like free photography. After the final fraud, the court, in accordance with the law for the crime of fraud and sentenced the defendant Zou to 3 years imprisonment, and fined 20000 yuan, and ordered restitution of illegal income 144975 yuan. In 2015, Zou and friend partnership opened a photographic shop in Shandong of Shanxian County, during the period of operation had launched WeChat sets praise, free photography activities to attract business publicity. Although due to the conflict between shareholders, Zou withdrew from the store, but the set like activity, but let the debt Zou evil breed fraud. "This is a way to money faster, can go to other places to get some money for" Zou said. Shortly after leaving the original studio, Zou soon found on the Internet Anhui Mingguang City has a certain baby to transfer, and at the end of November 2015 from the original owner of the hands of the transfer of the photo shop. At the beginning of December 2015, Zou will own premeditated fraud into action. Like forwarding activities in WeChat sets, can be free to shoot 398 yuan or 498 yuan photo packages, another a bowl, but must first pay 200 yuan deposit to be photographed before the photo shoot for the photos when they returned to the customer. The campaign began just a few days time, there are hundreds of customers come to the store. In mid December, Zou with defrauding more than 2 yuan to leave Anhui. Cheat money is not enough to repay the debt and daily expenses, had to find another place. In January 2016, Zou in the forum to see Cangnan Longgang a photography Floor in the transfer to a friend borrowed money to sign the photography building. "With the full set of 38 like, you can free to participate in the filming of 398 yuan or 498 yuan photo packages, and receive a juicer, but the publicity content must first pay 300 yuan deposit" to attract a large number of customers, within a week, Zou defraud nearly 400 victims deposit more than 12 yuan, with the money escape, empty. The court held that the defendant zoumou disregard the law, for the purpose of illegal possession, use of fictitious facts, conceal the truth of the way to cheat other people’s property, a huge amount, his behavior constituted the crime of fraud. For the case of fraud involving many people, bad social impact, can be given a heavier punishment; but the defendant zoumou voluntarily surrendered and truthfully confessed crimes, has voluntarily surrendered themselves, can be given a lighter punishment. The court then made the decision in accordance with the law. (end)相关的主题文章: