Zhejiang University Students station three Yuan Jie trick is playing the female crook was detained f-remonstrate

Zhejiang University Students station three Yuan Jie trick is playing the female crook was detained for 15 days the original title: Zhejiang university students three Yuan Jie station hit female liar deception was detained for 15 days early in the morning of October 5th, Zhejiang University Student Wang Yang (a pseudonym) met the "three yuan fraud" in the Hangzhou train station, Wang Yang debunk these crooks, not to discourage other passengers the money was beaten in the personnel deception, the head 3 sewing needle. Yesterday, hit the woman has been arrested. At present, the woman has been hit Hangzhou railway police administrative detention for 15 days, and a fine of $500. The woman surnamed sun, born in 1981, Anhui, staying at the train station nearby. It is understood that the woman was in the train station repeatedly committing the crime, was arrested several times, repeatedly fined. In addition, the situation of the woman’s accomplices have already mastered the police, is further tracing. The report was published, the community responded enthusiastically. Many users of the Zhejiang university students brave expressed admiration, said that they had experienced a similar scam, until some users read the report to see light suddenly. @ amorous feelings: the last encounter that borrowed 4 yuan, and then I think it is also a matter of $4, I pay when he said it was $44. @ Shaw: I have the same experience but did not dare to expose, to the money after it was known to be a liar, but did not dare to go, and I admire the young man. @ZSJ: in November last year, I also encountered the same situation, and now presumably also encountered a liar. @ enlightenment: the heart is suspected to be a liar, but if it is someone who has trouble, so a lot of time will give money, I gave two times. In addition to the lack of money to buy tickets, users also revealed the roadside money to buy a ticket home, hungry to buy a meal to eat and other similar scams. Hangzhou East Railway Station police station Xin Yan told the money newspaper reporter, this Gang Gang Gang has been the object of Hangzhou railway police crackdown, iron police will continue as usual. From the data, this cheat train station police station every month, two or three people in administrative detention, punishment of many people, but there are a lot of people "crimes against the wind", incorrigible. In the train station police station "acquaintance list", at least has retained 50 personnel information. Zhuang Xin told the money newspaper reporter: "the train station police station 8 police station, 18 security zone, subway linkage and other related personnel, from morning to night will not conduct regular patrols, more 24 hours of video surveillance; this greatly reduced the space of their activities, time. Now they are afraid to act during the day, but 5 to 7 in the morning, after the evening of 9 points after the time of the two, is still very active." Zhuang Xin said that the train station is very large, they are monitoring can pay attention to is the familiar faces, and this group of people will dress up, liquidity is very strong, not only that, there are other. So passengers need to work together to fight: all the money to buy tickets at the railway station, do not give money. In the event of a similar situation, to provide clues to the police to facilitate the investigation of the police." Source: Evening News Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: