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Zhejiang Panan Ju Xi Kong temple, why dare moment beam Shuanglongxizhu – Sohu tourism "mountains multiply and streams double back no doubt, There is a way out." this is to leave Lu You for having heard it many times the poetic masterpiece through the ages in Panan. Panan County, Zhejiang City, Jinhua Province, is located in the middle of Zhejiang Province, the "heart of Zhejiang". Every family here kind of medicine, rural town medicine smell fragrant, known as "township of medicine China". Panan is the main birthplace of Qiantang River, Qujiang, Ling River, Cao Ejiang, "said the old records of peaks of the ancestors, the source of water". Panan is a descendant of the largest South hole settlement, Ju Xi Kong temple, Qufu, Shandong and Zhejiang Quzhou Temple together listed as the three Confucius temple. As depicted in Lu You’s poem, Panan, is a brilliant outstanding, "hidden in purdah did not know" the treasure. September 2016 in Zhejiang, Panan. Panan County Ju Xi village has a long history, outstanding people, rich cultural heritage. According to historical records: the Southern Song Dynasty three years (AD 1129), Jinbing South occupied Shandong, Qufu suffered the disaster of war cemetery. The forty-seventh generation sun Confucius, Dali Temple evaluation with the emperor Kong Ruojun carried Kong Duangong to Taizhou City Nandu, chapter, Duangong heard his brother yanshenggong hole end friends has settled in Quzhou (after Quzhou, then driving to Nan Kong) speech Qu. Go to Ju Xi, Kong Ruojun very long disease died. The hole Duangong father buried in Admiralty mountain, and a tree in the cypress trees from Qufu temple had brought grave for. With the tree said: "where is my root soil, hole’s new site also!" Bow end male see Ju Xi mountain towering, folkway, hermit resort, is home to this, thrive, and start school education, O sun. Since then, descendant, separated very quickly, the formation of the beech Creek Village, become Wuzhou Nan Kong Cultural center. The hole’s ancestral temple is located in the South Bank of Ju Xi, in the center of the whole village. North of Zijin Mountain, gold. There are old wooden plaque on the door, saying "Confucius temple". Into the hole’s ancestral temple, there is a large gold plaque hall, screamed, board estimates that the teacher for all ages "only Confucianism and family temple by play. Walking in the depths of the yard, in the middle is a statue of Confucius, on both sides of the statue of the son of Kong Ruojun and his son. Confucius like above there is a plaque, write "as in". The spirit of Confucius is always in. The plaque on only two words, no inscription. The plaque on column: pulse pass, antithetical couplet birthplace is Yanshan Yuxiu branch hill; school, deep water flowing water GUI si. Benny Hill, Surabaya in Qufu, Yanshan, Guangxi water in the beech Creek Village, two relatively, means that the two sources, one phase. There are dragons carved on the front beam. In China ancient buildings, the dragon is hanged in ordinary houses. But here, the emperor’s family temple enjoys a visible hole special case. Temple the whole building with axis throughout, composed of gate, stage, lobby, hall and two small courtyard,. The three column Chuandou structure of the gatehouse, the stage as the pavilion type structure, lobby after hall is five bays of lift beam Chuan Dou style combined with a small courtyard by cobblestone. Confucius descendants residence in Confucian Temple as the axis, scattered on both sides in the beech creek. We are now.相关的主题文章: