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Zhang Xiuwei: originally wanted to Hong Kong to non Hengda Hengda give me very good treatment Zhang Xiuwei think he has not played out at the level of reporter Li Ang Chen Yong also reported Liuyang players back, on the right to health, and Zhang Xiuwei’s appearances as teammate Liu Yiming, but as in front of them, Zhang Xiuwei left to the outside world more profound the impression is more important, he scored 3 beautiful fans impressed, like him in the game and drow brilliant long-range two bursts, is one of the best in a goal, one of the most fascinating is that two times far shot, a right foot, left foot is a. After the goal, to fix the cut piece of elegant long hair, into a simple young man, he said, this is his goal commitment, change your hairstyle of Zhang Xiuwei, after a week, 3 to 1 victory over Chongchao opponent Beijing and scored two to help the team, this is a hedge super decisive game. Finally, the right to Tianjin chao chao, looking forward to the super, Zhang Xiuwei has more expectations: in fact, this year has not been able to kick out at the time of the state in lyon. I have been the dream is that I should not play a medium, it should play super, I hope, in the super, I can show 100% of me." [] joined the right to health "originally, I don’t go to Hong Kong on non Hengda" soccer ":" when you Yaqingsai caused the attention of fans, all people expect you to go further in Europe, but you eventually chose to return Chinese League, and the league, this was how to make a choice? Zhang Xiuwei: when I decided to come back, I haven’t reached the age of 20, I come back before the winter, Hengda multiple teams have sent me an invitation, provides a very good treatment, the Guangzhou Hengda even invited me and my parents went to Guangzhou. The final choice of the right to health, because the right to health and General Lee (Li Weifeng) sincerity, when Lee said to me a lot, including the total beam idea, the future mode of right to health, including the use of more teams and recognized with young people, I recognized a right to health is that they for the young people and the future very seriously, rather than blindly looking for existing players, this actually shows a club long term plan, this plan touched me. To tell the truth, when I decided to return, then my heart is very high, did not expect to step by step, my idea is that I have to go to Hong Kong, Hengda team like the other teams, I was not considered, but in contact with Quan Jian after the team and I feel I will come. Why not choose to continue in Europe? How about your study abroad trip? For me, life in Europe and play, 50% are painful, but the pain has been insisting on her own for the football dream, now look back to this period of time, feel everything is very worthwhile. I am 16 years old to play in Europe, when the language does not work, as well as the European team played friendly, when the pressure is really very big, whether it is their own little training or competition, don’t play well, will feel pain, at that time, I also constantly pressuring myself, because I.相关的主题文章: