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Zhang Shuai to top the group qualify for the semi-final in November 3, Zhuhai newspaper reporter Huang Xinhao reported: 2016 Joaquin securities Zhuhai WTA super elite tournament to start the third day of the competition, the wildcard China Jinhua Zhang Shuai in Hungary and Reggie Timmy ya · Brabus duel, two consecutive xianyihouyang, the final ratio of 7 to 6 and 6 than 4 beat his opponent, Camellia group made two in a row, the first to lock four seats. With Zhang Shuai on the first day of the match against Pakistan Shinseki got enough margin Bureau advantage, and Babos in the first game after losing to Bhasin J Ki, Zhang Shuai got 4 Calculation in this game can lock top the group qualify. After the opening, with Babos entered the state quickly complete the first break, was 3 to 0 lead. Zhang Shuai "strategy", and gradually find restraint competitors, and opponents hit a stalemate, keep serve hard to match into the battle to grab seven, and grab seven in 7 more than 2 win first. The second set, Zhang Shuai had a slightly undulating, 2 to 4 behind, but unforced errors, she used Babos’s initiative started repeatedly at the net, eventually playing along the Zhang Shuai 6 to 4 win. In other games, the former US Open champion, Australian swimmer Stosur continued the Zhuhai WTA dismal performance, she more than 4 to 6 and 3 than 6 lost to France’s Caroline · Garcia, suffered two defeats, missed promotion. Ukraine star J Vito Lina to 6 to 4 and the ratio of 6 to beat Russia’s top name, Vesnina, won the first place in the Rose Group won the winning streak of two in. In the women’s doubles competition, multinational to a wild card to play Chinese Jinhua Yang Zhaoxuan Youxiaodi tournament against the top seeded Slovenia player andreja Klepac and Rafael Santonga of Spain, the final Chinese combination with two 6 than 3 upset victory over opponents, as long as the next match winning team last opponent, will be able to qualify.相关的主题文章: