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Zhang Shuai bluntly nemesis is a good thing Zhang Shuai can always see at a loss what to do less to lose konta nemesis sina sports news Beijing on October 7th news has created the best record in the Zhang Shuai could not go further, lost 12 to 4-6 after 0-6 lost to England’s Conta, missed the semi-finals. In this network, Zhang Shuai even grams Stosur, Halep et al., for the first time in the women’s singles crown eight, China Jinhua this result is very satisfactory, "this time the network is me for so many years to a best score, to score the crown quarter finals I was very happy, very satisfied with the" I’m Zhang Shuai in today’s game the first set including four games after suddenly lost, lost 12 straight games and lost the game, "indeed, four games played very unexpectedly, played very well, of course, is also very fierce confrontation. From the four, I think after each other in the receiving and serving the quality was improved a lot after four games I feel has made the goal rate is low, so in the name of the name of confrontation hit each other’s rhythm, I didn’t play my own characteristics, to completely suppress,, as of yesterday’s game, how to play into my own rhythm, I think that three consecutive times this year are lost to the same opponent, absolutely not accidental, then certainly there are still many deficiencies need to improve, so this is where I am going to improve." Earlier today, Zhang Shuai harvest WTA Zhuhai super classic card, ranked No. 9-19 player will be participating in full, for the high level of competition, Zhang Shuai is looking forward to, so you can learn a lot, of course, can in this circle on the high level of the player itself to me is a temper, an increase, as in previous years, WTA has just entered the game, and then made the international tournament for me is a very big game, then in this international competition will be very difficult to win, to win a game to slowly, slowly to win two games, it can often get into the top four have the opportunity to play, the high level of competition, to win in the high level of the game, is a virtuous cycle for me, in a correct way, feel afraid of how slow I walk, But I am in the right track, I and two coaches clear purpose, know our direction, so as long as we continue to work hard." Is this loss, this season, Zhang Shuai has lost three times to the hole on the tower, nemesis, China Jinhua bluntly overwhelming, "I think all aspects are difficult to deal with, if it is on the one hand, I have the ability to completely avoid. There is no more loopholes, she is more comprehensive, so it will play helpless. Later, it was difficult to get a game, I think her efforts and progress over the past two or three years is obvious." Although lost 12 straight games and lost the game, but Zhang Shuai is still very optimistic about this defeat, "I think I see is the lack of a very happy thing, I think we can always go to find this can improve the place, so every day for progress. In fact, I look forward to the future of their own." (d)相关的主题文章: