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Zhang Bichen’s new album’s first single "It’s  Love" preheating; starter – Shenzhen channel — people.com.cn original title: Zhang Bichen new album’s first single "It’s Love" starting preheating recently, "the new generation of Chinese strength to sing" Zhang Bichen solo album’s first single "It’s Love" preheating after months of careful preparation, finally opened mystery. This song by Taiwan new lyricist Tianle personally lyrics, outstanding foreign music production team team song arranger was born, Zhang Bichen once again swept the Chinese music. It is reported that the first breakthrough in Zhang Bichen’s previous songs, rich electronic, jazz music, singing with speaking to Zhang Bichen, and magnetic sexy lazy, brought great surprise to fans, she dares to break through the creative and serious attitude to music industry has been the unanimous praise! Zhang Bichen song challenge electro Jazz "It’s Love" song of self breakthrough international full range of children "It’s Love" made an unprecedented luxury lineup, this song let people find everything fresh and new leading flagship from the golden production Arai Soichiro cutting-edge producer, lyricist Tianle and foreign excellent production team to create the LIANLI music creation team, production team from the beginning of the creative goal is very clear, that is to find a previous interpretation of Zhang Bichen’s works of different styles, and breakthrough songs, so also doomed this single production from the original song began, has entered a very difficult process. It is reported that the use of electronic music arranger, jazz and rhythm of Bruce music, mark Zhang Bichen in a new form of music entered the international music field, it is the milepost significance with its transformation of a career in music. According to the characteristics of Zhang Bichen’s singing, singing and singing skills is no longer want to challenge the link. Trying to broaden the direction of the song and develop greater inner potential is the goal of Zhang Bichen and the album production team. The song "It’s Love" as Frank Zhang Bichen’s character, a main song will be fascinating, but then BaiZhuanQianHui levels significantly, such as a slow dance with a gentle force, will imperceptibly ushered us into the world of infinite love, regardless of personal danger only for a warm love, and Zhang Bichen free songs still filled more than. Let more people look forward to her new album and concert. Taiwan new poet Zhang Bichen Tianle tailored lyrics, also overturn the style of Zhang Bichen’s works, the last song showing the international full range of children! Zhang Bichen song "It’s Love", widely praised by the industry Taiwan famous songwriter escort "It’s Love" the lyrics mysterious and full of affection, love like attitude is to own the love view of suspected deep poubai: "I know there will be a he, I will lie broken, let the tears flow. And take me away from the light, see the strong." This type of highly infectious gesprochen crooning singing with lyrics, the personal independence of conduct in the music world is full of energy and adhere to the song, let every heard her singing people can deeply feel her go)相关的主题文章: