Yunnan Dali 15 minutes for two times more than 4 earthquake was felt strongly-gigolos

Yunnan Dali 15 minutes for two times more than 4 earthquake was felt strongly seismic location map of Beijing, Kunming, November 17, according to the "report" earthquake China micro-blog official said on the same day at 12:10 in Yangbi County of Yunnan Dali (25.77 degrees north latitude and 99.90 degrees east longitude) 4.2 earthquake occurred, focal depth of 8 km. At 12:22, Yangbi county (25.71 degrees north latitude and 99.87 degrees east longitude) 4.4 earthquake occurred again, the focal depth of 5 km, the locals felt strongly. Yangbi County propaganda office, Qin Qingyun said, "the first earthquake feeling is not strong, but second or more strongly felt." The net name is "call me the top of the head" friends said: the game does not play out! "Micro-blog Dali" issued a document that: under the town of Dali City, about 38 kilometers from the epicenter, was felt, the Internet, mobile phone call normal. "Earthquake quick report" Chinese said the epicenter 200 kilometers around nearly 5 years, more than 4 earthquake occurred 22 times, is the largest in Yunnan in June 24, 2012 5.7 Ninglang earthquake. The epicenter 10 kilometers away from Yangbi County, Dali City, from the distance of 42 km. Yangbi county is located in the west of Yunnan Province, is a city of Bonan Road, tea horse road, Dabao Burma Road and highway, 320 National Highway and the Dali Ruili railway passing. The county has jurisdiction over 3 towns, 6 villages, covering an area of 1957 square kilometers, a population of about 100 thousand people. Qin Qingyun said, currently no reports of casualties, personnel and damage to housing statistics.相关的主题文章: