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Yongchang cuilong Zhu: Lucky 2 penalty not compared to pay more attention to sports attitude formation – Sohu HD picture: Yongchang 1-6 Suning Teixeira who embrace teammates celebrate Beijing time on September 11th at 19:35, the Super League twenty-fourth round of a focus of the war, Shijiazhuang Yongchang home court against Jiangsu suning. The first half Jiaxiang to break the deadlock, Teixeira then hit a penalty to expand the score; then Mathews penalty in the second half of Yongchang by the Maori Theo draw a ball, but then Theo’s gross profit and a penalty saved by Gu Chao, Martins, Wu Xi, Teixeira finally even 5 minutes into the 3 ball, the final 6-1 victory over the Yongchang suning. After the game, Suning coach cuilong Zhu attended the press conference: cuilong Zhu first said: "the results of the competition, feel very perfect, unfortunately, the game some deficiencies, if two of the penalty, the situation may change, so we still have a lucky place. The opponent is ready, is a good team, but bad luck today. I am on the team’s transformation and construction is still in progress, we will continue to work hard. A reporter asked: Xie Pengfei once again get the first opportunity, the coach how to evaluate his performance? Cuilong Zhu said: "he is training in the attitude is very good, is an honest child, the future of the future is very good, today’s game fully reflects his character, he believe that the future will be very bright, now is the team supporting role, but the future will grow into China football treasure. A reporter asked: in the game to two penalty opponents, opponents also hit the post once hit the crossbar, how to evaluate the three guard system? Cuilong Zhu said: "the two penalty is one of the 90 minutes of the game, although the content of regret, but this is often some things in the game, our team of four defenders and three back play, compared with the formation, more important is the player’s attitude to the game, our international, recently because of the national team, no formation get full exercise, then I believe will become better and better.相关的主题文章: