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Yang Zi Zhang Yishan: behind the counter sprayer care about the people who love you! Yang Zi Zhang Yishan – Sohu micro-blog entertainment screenshot screenshot micro-blog Zhang Yishan behind Yang Zi     Sohu entertainment news the evening of November 13th, Yang Zi micro-blog responded to update some online sprayer, she wrote "I hope everyone can be less criticism, more warm, everyone needs to be warm, it needs sunshine, everyone has some shortcomings. But it is because of these shortcomings that we become unique, I do not mind, but at the same time I will be sad. Love me, I will continue to work hard, do not love me, please stay away from my life. Hope everyone can be kind and sunny." See childhood sweetheart friends disturbed for the network attack, justice Zhang Yishan Yang Zi also forwarded the micro-blog on the night of November 14th, behind a friend "Hey, don’t care what you don’t need to care about the people and things, care about those of us who love you well, we want you to be happy, happy… The rest seems to be not important after the user has to leave a message, there is a feeling called Zhang Yishan and Yang Zi, good move, Yang Zi must refuel!" Always feel that Zhang Yishan in indirect confession". Related reading: there is a kind of friendship called Yang Zi and Zhang Yishan from the "home with children" to now, Zhang Yishan and the 12 years have been known for the past years. After the TV show, they also filmed "dad home". Junior high school, the University of the same year class, two people is also very good personal relationship. There are even fans shouting to get them together. However, with the exposure of Yang Zi and Qin Junjie romance, this expectation can only be expected. Even so, the friendship between two people is the envy of others.   Zhang Yishan for the blessing of Yang Zi’s 24 year old birthday that day, said she was willing to betray the world on the night of November 6th, a video uploaded by the for her birthday of the year of the age of 24 for the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the evening of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of. In the video, Zhang Yishan first sang a birthday song for Yang Zi, after he expressed regret because of their own in the movie, so there is no way to the scene for Yang Ziqingsheng. Zhang Yishan also wrote: "Yang Zi, even if the world betrayed you, I will stand behind you betray the world. Also, twenty-four, find a good man to marry… Or they always think we have something. Happy birthday." Yang Zi praised Zhang Yishan Yang Zi Zhang Yishan praised the perfect quick understanding of 100% on the evening of 4, a group of Yang Zi, Zhang Yishan quick video exposure, two people tacit understanding degree 100%, two person of remarkable revolutionary friendship. Q: how often do you get together? Zhang Yishan: if you are in the same city, you may get together. Yang Zi: we just have to meet in a city. Q: who usually pay for dinner? Zhang Yishan: that must be my pay. Yang Zi: he’s paying for it. Zhang Yishan: we’re together. After all, I’m a boy. Yang Zi: he’s a girl. Q: what is the biggest change in TA from small to large? Zhang Yishan, Yang Zi: a tall. Yang Zi: block相关的主题文章: