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Yang Zi 7 days of violence is very thin and regret to fall down is a serious matter! Review: "Yun Zhi" as the goddess Lu Xueqi Yang Zi blew seven lost, 167CM 40kg! Although the fairy goddess domineering gas line friends! But by fasting to lose weight she said regret. (source: Claire network) in addition to lost Yang Zi, female stars short time lost a lot of meat, small heart is black mark face! Such as thin as a threadpaper really good-looking? Certainly not! Bobbi is fat! After Milan slim already OUT, there are still attractive to symmetry! In addition to hungry hungry, and these methods can make you full of thin down! Yang Zi from the silly girl to a domineering woman "families with children" in the snow, after a lapse of nine years after the return to the view of "war" Changsha. Yang Zi has been difficult to get rid of the fat round face, in the "Ode to joy" is a joy and snack. Now suddenly to become the style "Qingyun Zhi" in Lu Xueqi, Yang Zi is really "face"? Dingzhuang Zhao exposure of the moment, many fans believe that the stone in the heart is put down, although there is no book so beautiful, but the fairies and arrogance enough, subvert the previous thatsilly Qiu Yingying, to attack the perfect line. In order to help Yang Zi hold role is no less hard, not only to the hungry, late night with Liu Tao full strength self perspiration comes down like raindrops, punch! But for the diet this sort of hunger strike, Yang Zi expressed great pain and regret! Feel every minute to faint in the studio, see the fish to ditch the clavicle, really all by hungry! Ten pounds of fat on the mirror principle everybody knows, Yang Zi is fainting with hunger and finally for the main style high cold, bright and neat jaw line, chubby cheeks not see, domineering to fly! Want to thin, the absolute God assists makeup. Cute and innocent stand aside and replaced a small Korean word eyebrow, eyebrow rose. Coral Orange girl lip color purple pink lip to throw away, it is very cold in place! Gloria Tang from small leather pants thick legs to 11 word vest line just after the 25 birthday of Gloria Tang, finally do not lose weight big eat dessert. This is Gloria Tang really lose weight, get rid of the small thick legs, also out of 11 words a lot of fine muscle, arm, sensual skinny with perfect! Weight-loss success after Deng Ziqi did not lose the previous activity, still maintained a lovely round apple muscle, blush, style is more soft adorable than before? With Apple’s muscle and love the face, let her especially sweet blush, blush and bronzing actually put together, let you keep a good look at the same time, Li lost ten pounds is not impossible. Want to use any kinds and blush to create a heart-shaped face girl should pay attention to, not too much emphasis on edges and shadows, but with a sense of the apple muscle pearlescent blush highlights, face naturally three-dimensional. Pu Baolan dumped 64 pounds! Five meals a day, too! Xiaobian to introduce the legend of the weight loss industry, the meat of the 32kg Korean singer Pu Baolan. 94!相关的主题文章: