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Xiqing police raided the hotel in the morning of 12 suspects were arrested in the winter, people go out wearing clothes more and more thick, also decreased the sensitivity of carrying goods. Many lawless elements is the use of this feature, engaged in "seasonal crime", specifically in shops, markets and other large mobility of public places to implement theft. To this end, Xiqing police launched a "winter Fanpa action", focusing on the fight against such criminal activities, and recently successfully destroyed a 12 member pickpocketing Gang, all the suspects were all arrested. The frequent cases of pickpocketing crime suspects vehicle was scrapped car? Since October, many nearby colleges and universities in Xiqing commercial street, food street and other surrounding areas of high incidence of pickpocketing, alarm people for property damage in a backpack or pocket of the mobile phone. As soon as the cracked the case, the Xiqing branch of the region around the City University as a series of pickpocketing cases investigation bureau. After the crime scene and the surrounding shops more than 100 video surveillance video of the Criminal Investigation Brigade police identified three carefully look after that three to four suspects often followed purchases of the masses, not what they buy, just look around to find the target, once found will closely follow the victim from the coat pocket or backpack steal mobile phone quickly after leaving. At this point, the victim is unaware. In the process of expanding the scope of the video search, the police also found a number of suspects driving suspects. After investigation, the car is after the owners of the scrap car, obviously, the system had not registered owner driver. The police capture system then the transfer of the car, found the car appear frequently in the Beichen area of the city, Han Shu town of Miyun Branch within the perimeter. The cunning fox Hunter "to hide the tail wit dirty looking for people" in carrying out uninterrupted video inspections at the same time the suspect vehicle, police re sort the series of characteristics of incidence of pickpocketing, found the suspect committing the crime of time is relatively fixed, basically are up to 16 in the afternoon 19 PM between people and students after class the surrounding residents work in procurement peak crime. Accordingly, the Criminal Investigation Brigade dispatched three plainclothes police to carry out multi-channel squatting in the vicinity of the incident, to capture the current. However, an unexpected thing happened, the suspect seems to have been alert, actually stopped for two weeks, no longer appear. Clues to the case of a sudden interruption. Police did not give up. "They are frequent theft of mobile phone, the purpose is to exchange for money." Analysis of three Criminal Investigation Brigade Ma Mingzhong, this thread is broken, it is another way to find a breakthrough, that is — stolen goods. Learn from the work, the city received a stolen staff recently "prosperous", often several men came to him to sell mobile phone. After continuous information judged, video contrast several days later, the police found a man’s physical characteristics, a regular contact with the received stolen goods man driving a vehicle and in the case of highly consistent, and initially identified the track near the north Jiang Zhen Dong Jing cun. In the early morning action caught 12 Gang "not only stealing drugs" in.相关的主题文章: