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XiaMen Railway Station by "miranti" during the National Day in Xiamen at EMU Network – Haixi morning news (reporter Lei Yu) "Meranti", during the National Day this year, the public must train some trouble. The Xinglin railway bridge power supply equipment has not been completed, from now until the end of national day, people who take the train get to XiaMen North Railway Station, the general speed train is not affected. This construction is equivalent to the entire power supply equipment reset again, the amount of work is too large, according to our plan, originally intended to open in October 15th." Nanchang Railway Bureau Xiamen power supply section of the relevant responsible person told the reporter, in addition to the large quantity, the construction is restricted by many objective conditions, such as considering the construction safety and speed of train operation requirements, construction only at 1 points to 5 points. Not coincidentally, two days before the typhoon "catfish" positive hit Fujian, affect the construction schedule for two nights, the opening time may be affected. "We are considering the new construction plan, does not affect the speed of the general situation, may also be construction during the day." The official said, will be resumed as soon as possible, so that people travel more convenient.相关的主题文章: