Wushan County, 8 year old girl from home lost 3 days walk 60 kilometers two police lin-vidalia

Wushan County, 8 year old girl from home lost   3 days walk 60 kilometers   two police linkage to find the child safe and return to   – Gansu channel — people.com.cn original title: Wushan County, 8 year old girl left home 3 days lost 60 km walk in the afternoon of September 26th, Wushan County Public Security Bureau police brigade squadron of police escort lohmen Tong Lingling, a 8 year old female lohmen town "missing" three days (a pseudonym) safe home. 8 year old girl at night "missing" according to Wushan Wushan police, the afternoon of September 24th, the Public Security Bureau of Interpol Brigade squadron received lohmen Yang area residents report that one day the 8 year old niece Lingling before the night suddenly lost, has not returned. The police investigation that 9 23 April afternoon after school, Lingling went straight to the grandmother’s house. 8 pm that evening, his mother Wang allowed two sister Ling Ling to take her home, but Ling Ling and grandma because I want to live, is not willing to follow the sisters back, then two elder sister to go home. Until noon of September 24th, sisters again to meet her, that night before sister lived in my grandmother’s house, the house searched, still do not see a trace of the child. After receiving the alarm, the police quickly carry out investigation work at the same time, Ling Ling’s physical characteristics and other related information uploaded to the "nail reunion system", the Ministry of public security information platform of missing children issued an emergency official micro-blog and other new media, for the first time Ling Ling missing information to the public for a push. Heard the daughter of "missing" news from the field on the night back to the father of Yang Moucheng and his family and relatives and friends to find in lohmen around the town. In the search for the case of no avail, he and his family and friends in the WeChat circle of friends made the missing news quickly spread, Lingling’s "missing" moment affects everyone’s heart. The child appeared after careful looking for two days in 60 kilometers, Lingling is still not in sight, the investigation work is in trouble, in the face of rumors and criticism, the police tortured also feel the pressure. 9 month 26 day at noon, Ling Ling appeared in the 60 km Maiji District Xin Yang Zhen of the news that the police are excited, police He Lingling’s father Yang Moucheng drove to a new town police station public security bureau maiji. At the police station, Yang Moucheng finally saw her daughter home for three days, her daughter, he cried excitedly, repeatedly to rescue his daughter the Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Brigade squadron of police Yang Faqiang, Yang new police Li Zhiyong said thanks. According to Yang Faqiang introduction, on September 26th, their duty in the vicinity of the new town cement factory, Lingling found sitting on the roadside, after patiently asking about the child’s situation, immediately through the investigation mechanism and "nail reunion system" to contact the police. Ting Lingling tells her that night, after leaving the highway along aimlessly, unaware of the direction of home, 3 days to walk to town from lohmen Xinyang Town, walking distance of 60 km. (commissioning editor Gao Xiang and Zhou Wanting) 武山县8岁女童离家迷路 3天步行60公里 两地警方联动找到孩子 助其平安返家–甘肃频道–人民网 原标题:武山县8岁女童离家迷路 3天步行60公里 9月26日下午,在武山县公安局刑警大队洛门中队民警的护送下,洛门镇“失踪”三天的8岁女童玲玲(化名)平安回到家中。 8岁女童深夜“失踪” 据武山警方介绍,9月24日下午,武山公安局刑警大队洛门中队接到辖区居民杨某报警称,其8岁的侄女玲玲前一天晚上突然走失,一直未归。民警调查得知,9月23日下午放学后,玲玲直接去了奶奶家。当晚8时许,其母王某让玲玲的两个姐姐去接她回家,但玲玲因为想和奶奶住,并不情愿跟着姐姐们回去,后来两个姐姐就自行回家了。直至9月24日中午,姐姐们再次去接她时,才得知前一天晚上妹妹没住在奶奶家,屋里屋外找遍,仍不见孩子的踪影。 接到报警后,民警在迅速开展侦查工作的同时,将玲玲的体貌特征等相关信息上传到“钉钉团圆系统”、公安部儿童失踪信息紧急发布平台官方微博等新媒体,第一时间对玲玲失踪信息向社会公众进行了推送。听闻女儿“失踪”的消息,从外地连夜赶回来的父亲杨某成和家人及亲戚朋友在洛门镇周边寻找。在找寻无果的情况下,他和家人、朋友都在微信朋友圈发了寻人启事,消息迅即扩散,玲玲的“失踪”一时牵动着众人的心。 孩子在60公里之外现身 经过两天的多方找寻,依然没有玲玲的踪影,侦查工作也陷入困境,面对一些流言和非议,办案民警饱受煎熬也倍感压力。9月26日中午,玲玲出现在60公里外的麦积区新阳镇的消息让民警振奋不已,民警和玲玲的父亲杨某成一道驱车赶往麦积公安分局新阳镇派出所。 在派出所,杨某成终于见到了离家三天的女儿,抱着女儿,他激动地哭了,一再地对救助其女儿的麦积公安分局交警大队新阳中队的民警杨发强、协警李志勇表示感谢。据杨发强介绍,9月26日当天,他们在新阳镇水泥厂附近执勤,发现玲玲呆坐在路边,经过耐心询问了解到孩子的情况后,马上通过协查机制和“钉钉团圆系统”联系上了武山警方。 听玲玲讲述,她当晚离家后一直沿着公路漫无目的地走着,分辨不清回家的方向,三天的时间竟然从洛门镇徒步走到了新阳镇,徒步距离60公里。 (责编:高翔、周婉婷)相关的主题文章: