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Wu Delei insists he will not play "differences" Drama: not interested in Wu Delei: "I have no interest in a TV play" Sina entertainment news Beijing on September 10th news, according to foreign media reports, the "3 World" differences: loyalty (Allegiant) at the box office and word of mouth is very bad, Lionsgate decided to cancel the final series, instead of TV movies and drama series for the derivative huashangjuhao. Series starring Xie Lin – Wu Delei (Shailene Woodley) in an interview before the date when the response, said he had no interest in the play on tv. Wu Delei said in an interview: "I can not sign a contract to play tv. Out of respect for the film company and all the members of the cast, I think it’s time for the film makers to change their minds and decide to take something different, but I’m not interested in the show." The final series of "differences 4: Rise" (Ascendant) scheduled for release in June 2017, but before a global box office only $66 million. Lionsgate also change strategy, will be changed to make a TV movie, the follow-up may also launch derivative drama. "Differences" series of another actor Meyers Teller (Miles Teller) were surprised at the film side, as do not play play drama, he had not yet decided: "we wait and see. I haven’t talked to anyone about it yet." Hitler then said: "when people mess up something, did not reach the original desire, things will change at any time." (westerly)相关的主题文章: