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World of Warcraft: cloth handsome always support my Eagle has entered the best [] dunk too cruel! Howard was the opponent of buckle buckle up in the Tencent in November 14th – Dwight – Howard played sports eagle for a long time, in his view, the team has entered the best, and he had uniform group thanks to the eagle. Howard satisfied with the status quo, everything is the best, when it comes to the eagles uniforms, Howard praised, can play in such an environment, I am very grateful. Their work is perfect, from training to coaching. Especially Bud (coach Boden Holzer’s nickname), the intimate relationship between me and him, he always support me. I like to play for a manager, from the first time I met him until now, we have maintained good communication every day, I hope to continue to maintain. He always encourages me to lead the team in the right direction. When I do wrong, he will correct me in time, when I do the right thing, he will encourage me to do more, this feeling is great." Up to now, Howard averaged 12.4 rebounds, is the team’s rebounding king. Averaged 15.2 points, ranked in the team of third. He has 7 consecutive games and grabbed two rebounds and two pairs of digits, the number being ranked seventh in the league. Currently, the Hawks 7 wins and 2 losses, ranking in the eastern part of the second, the opening record is very good. Talking about how quickly the team can get in, Howard explained: "I think it’s because we are a team and we are united. The team is always hungry and the coach encourages us to get better every day and the players have the same goals. I think every player on the team is hungry for victory. Everything starts from a place where people can’t see it, like a training hall and a power house." Next, the eagles will usher in the four day of the test of the war of three, they will be in Beijing time on the road away from the heat on the 16, the home court against the bucks on, the 19 day away challenge hornets. (Rolls Royce) copyright statement: This article is the Tencent sports exclusive articles, without authorization, shall not be reproduced, otherwise it will pursue legal responsibilities.相关的主题文章: