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Word has a new star black list is not in hurry to review: Star black list of the time, we are not so very anxious ah? The stars of the other is still mixed, some fashion to death, but in other reid! We may wish to take a look at the reference, you will get more inspiration for the shape of the oh! (content from: red show) good! Words not to say! Come and see for reference! Star Black List: Yang Mi gongbang recommendation: assumes dressed in casual plaid shirt for winter coming out of the airport, leisure revealed a little sexy handsome. Autumn legs show cheats, you get? Yang Mi Tang Yan: gongbang Recommendation Index: assumes a black trousers with a grey coat at the airport, concealed in black Poxian and generous, total sugar wherever exudes offensive breath. Tang Yan: Ni Ni: gongbang Recommendation Index assumes a casual dress at the airport, the white sweater collocation cowboy nine pants, white shoes, shoulder Gucci graffiti printing bag, wide sleeves very eye-catching. Ni Ni: Fan Bingbing: gongbang Recommendation Index assumes fan ye go to where is the competent spokesperson, Louis Vuitton large color Mohair dress, carrying a Louis Vuitton silver Louis Vuitton handbag, foot thick black lace up shoes bottom, a full set of equipment is also good to see! Fan Bingbing: Liu Shishi: gongbang Recommendation Index assumes the white printed flounce stitching dress is most suitable for poetry that fresh and elegant temperament, short hair dew ear side Yan kill "is more charming! Liu Shishi: Zhao Liying: gongbang Recommendation Index assumes small congratulations to obtain the Golden Eagle award! Love is her speech "keep love and passion, keep on the actor’s mind, continue to go on stubbornly!" The evening dress is also the star of many stars, very immortal Zhao Liying. Zhao Liying gongbang: Liu Wen recommended index: hanger assumes walking, a simple shirt + trousers, shoes and jewelry accessories to decorate the deep foundation the fashionable. Red show Grazia also participate in this event, will give you the most exclusive content next week. Liu Wen Li Xiaolu: the black list: it was a recommended index. The water Lingling people to put themselves into a forty or fifty year old middle-aged women, wearing the old-fashioned and outdated dress, Ms. Jia Yunxin to faint cry in the toilet! Li Xiaolu Lin Chiling: the black list: OK the recommended index. On the contrary, when the more than and 40 year old veteran goddess, to put yourself into a 18 year old girl, this dress feels like to find out from the children’s clothing! Lin Chiling: Elmar · Roberts gongbang recommendation: assumes the Yellow Floral fold cuff coat collocation deep blue flash flared jeans, his ankle stretched proportion, carrying a Dior black handbag all-match practical, most love or those with coarse wine red Maca相关的主题文章: