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Woods claimed in hero challenge to support Trump when the president won the praise of sports Sohu – Beijing October 23rd, tiger Woods recently said in an interview, he will return to the court. Why not come to participate in the Safeway open and Turkey open air, because he was still not restored to the ideal state. But he will take part in his own hero world challenge in December, which will be held in the bahamas. "I’ll be in the game." Once the 14 summit Grand Slam tournament, a total of 79 wins the PGA Tour, Woods said, "my game is getting better, more in line with my request. But now I can’t make a round of 63 or 64. But now I can play a little bit lower at home, but I don’t think I can play that low in the game like that." In the meantime, when the reporter mentioned Donald, who was running for the presidency, Woods returned, "are you referring to the president?" "" "" """ The rhetorical question of this mechanism not only shows Woods’s political stance, but also draws the audience’s warm applause. (peach)相关的主题文章: