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Women’s loans have not yet received a friend’s abusive text messages to someone’s company denied the original title: the borrower has not yet received a friend received a text message last year to borrow money, due to the loss of password can not be returned on time. Ms. Lu a year ago from the name "silver flash" APP borrowed 930 yuan of money, due to various reasons, overdue, and noisy message was recently sent to Ms. Lu a few friends on a mobile phone, all the above obscene, abusive words not fit to be seen. Beijing Technology Co., Ltd. silver flash yesterday denied that the message is entrusted to the third party company, and said it was unable to query Ms. Lu’s loan records. In this regard, lawyers believe that the message content has been suspected of illegal, can pursue its responsibility. My friend was owe experience violence Dunning last year, Ms. Lu through a "silver flash" mobile phone credit software borrowed 930 yuan, due to overdue delay, late fees have been as high as 1300 yuan. Ms. Lu said that because of their mobile phone lost once, and forget the flash of silver password, contacted the customer service to get repayment, but because there is no customer service reply will settle a matter by leaving it unsettled. Until recently, she almost at the same time, Ms. Lu’s four or five friends told that received from the flash of silver reminder text messages and phone receiver outsourcing, and the content of the message is not fit to be seen. "I don’t know how they got to know my friend’s phone, and these messages were sent to me, and I was so embarrassed." The reporter from Ms. Lu SMS screenshot to see the content of the message in addition to mention "let your friends money", is filled with all kinds of obscene, abusive words involved, "she said no repayment, so every day I scold you". Reporters from a complaint platform to see the flash of silver violent collection of dozens of complaints, were accused of "the flash of silver rush mouth shout" and "personal attacks" and "harassment" behavior. Flash silver did not send such a message yesterday, the reporter will reflect Beijing silver flash technology Co., singular, customer service staff said really received the user reflect that the violence was overdue, do not know the specific circumstances, the reporter expressed the hope that can be linked to the relevant person in charge. But yesterday afternoon, a flash of silver staff call said, "I cannot confirm this is our collection or collection issued by the company". For sending violent collection of mobile phone number, the staff said that "this is certainly not for us". The staff said, indeed silver flash worked many collectors, "are well-known collectors", when a reporter asked whether the confirmation, the staff hesitated, changed to "here are the formal company". Reporters call the phone number to send violent text messages, the phone man said, before the phone is flash silver, but now is my private number". However, in talking about whether engaged in silver flash collection work, man changed to "never heard of silver flash, mobile phone number is bought from the operating room two days ago, don’t set my words". Then in a hurry to hang up the phone. The lawyer harassment may sue collectors Beijing Yingke Law firm partner Li Shaofei said, if the circumstances of a serious nature, affected the people’s normal life, so the push behavior has been suspected of illegal, "according to the" security 7相关的主题文章: