Women mistakenly thrown $30 thousand sanitation workers from more than 10 tons of garbage to get bac-pigeon blood

The woman mistakenly threw away 30 thousand dollars from the sanitation workers of more than 10 tons of garbage in the back – Sohu news found the garbage truck and Greening Bureau for map dropped $30 thousand for November 17th Shanghai Greening Bureau, Jingan District a woman to clean up debris, 30 thousand dollars will be stored in the error in the pillow when the rubbish. In one family worried, Shanghai city investment environment Hulin industrial base staff through the information system for the owner from the car along the track, has carried away trash back cash to a pillow. 17 noon, 12 pm, one family to base for help, said the error will be filled with 30 thousand dollars in the pillow when the garbage in the trash in the garbage area, then the barrel was emptied, and money disappear without a trace. Informed of the situation, the base Market Operations Manager Guo Yuwen immediately rushed to the scale, inquiry into the new Jingan Lingshi operation team has completed removal operations. Marketing Manager Tan Bojun, Zhu Min immediately to the query scheduling time may transport container transfer station through the information system, the number were 0924, 1353, 0095. But 1353 of them, 0095 were on the board from the Hulin base. At this time, everyone feel uneasy, even the owner that is unlikely. But the base staff or not to give up any possibility, the terminal only possible 0924 container crane, forklift and launched and more than 10 workers looking for more than and 10 tons of garbage. After nearly an hour’s search, an old pillow slowly falling out, see the owner of a "familiar" pillow, brow and finally stretch, repeatedly thanked the staff. This success thanks to recover their lost property, transportation information system of Shanghai waste transfer. According to the relevant person in charge, the city built a city solid waste in inland river containerized transport system in 2010, the three core base of Hulin old port, Xu Pu, the radiation center of Shanghai city life garbage transit operation. Waste containerization transportation information management system of the crime took 4 years to build, including 1 main systems and 3 subsystems, comprehensive coverage of the core process of transferring operation. It is reported that has previously been citizens and companies through the information management system of Shanghai environmental industry to find the error in the garbage in the property and important documents. But the official also reminded that although the information system can help people to recoup their losses to a certain extent, but once the garbage disposal process into the end of "powerless", hope the friend in the trash when adding a cautious.相关的主题文章: