Women in high iron disease with train doctors in Yuyao stand for cosmax

Women in high iron disease with train doctors in Yuyao stand for the afternoon of October 28th, G2332 high-speed train from Yuyao to Changsha within a burst of noise coming from the central compartment. "The conductor, the conductor! Do you have a doctor in your car? Quick to find a doctor!" I saw a woman about 40 years old with his hand on his chest askew in the seat, pale, facial pain, an older woman in the side anxious, claiming to be the woman’s mother. Doctor Xu Shiwen City People’s hospital was located on the same car, who immediately got up and came to see. "Pulse more than 180 times, the past is not a heart disease?" Patient’s mother Xu Shiwen side to understand the situation, to help the patient lie down, at the same time by counting the patient’s pulse. From the conversation that the patient had a history of heart disease, but did not go out to carry emergency medicine. The stethoscope handed over Dr. Xu took the staff, by careful auscultation, judge for supraventricular tachycardia. Because there is no symptomatic drugs, Xu doctors with disposable chopsticks pressed the woman’s throat, stimulate the vagus nerve, hoping to terminate the attack on the upper chamber. After two times of stimulation, women’s symptoms eased. At this point, the train into the Changsha Railway Station, Xu Shiwen, who rushed to get off the woman. In the process of waiting for the arrival of 120, due to the low outdoor temperature, Xu Shiwen took off his coat, to warm the woman. A few minutes later, Xu Shiwen and his colleagues took the woman onto a stretcher and escorted them to the 120 car outside the station. As 120 cars left, no coat doctor Xu Shiwen can feel a bit cold. "In this case, the hand is the natural reaction of every medical staff." Xu Shiwen said. It is understood that this year 45 year old doctor Xu Shiwen has been working for more than 20 years, has served as director of the Department of interior rescue, there is a wealth of experience in first aid. He usually low-key, treat patients with sincerity, strong sense of responsibility, is currently Deputy Director of the people’s Hospital of respiratory medicine.相关的主题文章: