Woman because piaozi quarrel with someone cut in hotel style apartment (map) hamimelon

Woman because piaozi quarrel with someone cut in hotel style apartment (map) remember not long ago "Hangzhou a hotel style apartment in a woman bathing cut" of the news? In November 8th, the suspect has been under the Hangzhou city procuratorate arrest. With the disclosure of the facts of the case to make all people speechless. The murderer is a graduate of a year after 90 college students. The reason behind is even more unexpected…… The night of October 24th this year, the public Mr. Zhu scored the Qianjiang Evening News Hotline broke: around 9:30 at night, a woman near the Hangzhou Shaoxing Road area cut one knifed in the neck at home, dying! Money newspaper reporter then rushed to the site of the incident. The incident is a hotel style apartments, and the king Pavilion Hotel across the foot store and restaurant. Reporters found that the hotel lobby in the elevator were all blocked outage, passengers can only bypass. Police cordon up the scene. Hotel style apartment elevator mouth has a large amount of blood, even out of the apartment door, the ground can clearly see mottled blood. In the control room of the hotel style apartment, the police are looking for clues to the transfer of control, at the same time, the surrounding personnel registration investigation, try to find a suspicious person. The scene guest said that the cuts are a young pretty young girl, a neck knife quite seriously, and finally collapsed in the elevator. It seems that even the clothes did not have time to wear, how to go back to the police or the specific thing to say." One resident said, "the man was sent to the provincial people’s hospital." Subsequently, the reporter went to the provincial people’s Hospital, emergency room nurse, said a woman was seriously injured, has been sent to intensive care unit. Money newspaper reporter once again came to the scene. Learned that the room is about 50 square meters of small huxing. The door is a password lock, you want to enter the room, you must know the password or brush card to enter the room. There is room for tenants only, also rented to tenants, both as leased office space, also rented Manicure open beauty shop. Like a wounded girl living in 50 square meters room, now the monthly price of 4800 yuan. Injured young woman, now out of danger. The next day, the suspect Moumou four wells in the area was arrested police. Contrary to everyone’s expectations, the means of fierce Zhang was a graduate of a year after 90 college students. According to the suspect Zhang Mou to explain, in late October 24th 20 pm, he was linked to WeChat’s prior under the city center a modern wind room with the victim surname Wang sex. At that time, agreed to 700 yuan piaozi. A post to escape payment piaozi, used to carry the stamp box cutter blade is inserted into the victim’s neck, the neck is 2 cm deep, Wang Moumou bleeding. During the period, the victim was trying to escape from a elevator drag back to the room, leaving the scene of a long blood, too horrible to look at. Finally, Wang Moumou Moumou while dressing the occasion again to escape, Zhang rushed to flee the scene. After identification, the victim Wang has constituted a serious injury two. At present, the suspect Zhang was arrested under the jurisdiction of the city procuratorate.相关的主题文章: