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With your EQ, did not live to the palace douju second sets the number of public concern "Sina micro plastic, see more wonderful original content! The article comes from the WeChat public number: heart help figure remember early Chen Peisi and Zhu Shimao in 1990 had played a sketch: "the protagonist and supporting role". Chen Peisi dissatisfaction: why do I always play the supporting role of traitors to the dirty, highlight your zhengyilinran protagonist? Zhu Shimao said, even let you play the leading role is the taste of traitors. Just as Zhu Shimao said, Chen Peisi is handed the play to play on and become villains, and Zhu Shimao how to play are a group of righteousness. This essay tells us one thing: there are two roles in life, one is external, the other is internal. But what really determines a person, or our inner identity. In the "love" in this book, the word "role" and "core" of the two words together, everyone plays many roles in life: mature and stable husband; gentle and virtuous wife; sensible obedient child; smart students;   smart employee. Now, which role do you play? A man, he has a successful career, marriage, having children, from the external role, you can think that he is a man. But in the family, but he should be with their children love, feel the child took his wife’s love, don’t want to take any responsibility for his father, of course, what is the responsibility of husband, he has no interest to know. Then his inner role is a child. The child has a child benefits, such as he can have a lot of creativity in a particular field, such as artists, creative imagination that need to break the normal procedure, he can be very good, but if it is to need adults, willpower and identity of life rule, he may be dumbfounded. Even, he may develop a personality mask, in front of all people are very social adaptability, but in fact, he is a lonely child. There are a lot of visitors in my consulting room crying after crying to tell me I’m sorry. I wonder why it is necessary to apologize for crying? Because I lost my cool. However, what state is not lost? If you forget yourself, you will worry about what? From small to large, I have to be taught: you must be dignified, stable, perfect, you must be in front of all the people present their own outstanding, and crying, it means that you are weak, you are weak. What does that mean? Means you’ll be parents abandon, will be abandoned by their parents, parents will be blamed and hurt. Only play the role, you will feel safe. Someone told me that her mother is a teacher, would quietly say how good the child neighbor scores, says her students future how ambitious, and then left her transcript one eye, mouth slightly up. Is this action, it will keep her mind for more than and 10 years. This may be the reason why we are always interested in a role相关的主题文章: