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Business Robust, durable and easy-to-use are all words that can be used to describe the Akiles AlphaBind-CM heavy-duty .b binding machine from ABCOffice… This binding machine has been around for a few years now and has quickly risen to the top of the best .b binding machines list. There are a few reasons why this .b binder may be the right machine for you. Are you a fan of the Akiles MegaBind? If so, you are going to love the AlphaBind-CM. This manual .b binding machine is designed to quickly punch holes in paper and bind your reports, presentations, books, manuals and other literature. This machine uses a 19-ring plastic .b binding hole pattern. The holes punched are rectangular in shape. .b binding is popular for many reasons. For one, plastic binding .bs are available in several different colors. This brightens up the bound document and allows you to color coordinate the .bs with the binding cover you use. This may include navy blue, green, brown, black, white, clear and many other colors. Plastic binding .bs are also available in a variety of diameters, all the way up to 2. Plastic binding .bs not only provide a secure bind, the can be re-used and re-opened for adding or removing pages. They are also extremely affordable. Smaller .bs are sold 100 per box and larger .bs are usually sold 50 per box. For a few dollars, you can bind up to 100 documents. This is a great deal and very affordable. The Akiles AlphaBind-CM is a great machine for businesses, copy centers, print shops and more. While it is manually operated, it can punch up to an impressive 25 sheets of 20lb paper at a time. Few manual (and even many electric) binding machines offer this impressive binding capacity. The build quality on this .b binding machine is impressive. It features all metal construction. Akiles machines are known for being extremely durable and lasting for years. The AlphaBind-CM is no exception. This machine is truly impressive when it .es to durability and is an ideal solution for medium to high-volume manual .b binding. It even features a wide 12" with punching capacity as well as an open throat. This means you can punch and bind documents wider than 12. Simply punch the paper, slide it to the right and punch the rest of the holes. The Akiles AlphaBind-CM is also extremely versatile. It features fully disengageable dies, which allows the operator to disable specific punching pins, allowing for easy binding of smaller or larger documents without partially punched holes. A hole pattern is also printed on the base of the machine, making it easy to determine exactly where a hole will be punched on the paper. Additional adjustments include a side margin guide and an adjustable margin dept selector. While aesthetics may not be everything, I can vouch to the fact that this is an attractive machine. It looks good, touting a nice off-white and black color scheme. The cast metal frame also has nice angles and patterns that make it look highly professional. Able to bind 2" books, the AlphaBind-CM will have you binding your own books, custom documents and other material in no time. ABCOffice.. is a great place to go when shopping for a binding machine. You can find the Akiles AlphaBind-CM binding machine here and ABCOffice..s entire selection of .b binding machines here. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: