Why buy an -225 production line media speculation for the space program sichen

Why do you want to buy an -225 production line? Media speculated that the United States for the space program said that China wants to build an -225 transport aircraft. The aircraft manufacturer Antonov company said, will complete the construction of second aircraft, and then delivered to Chinese. With the "blizzard" plan abortion, Ann -225’s fate has undergone tremendous changes. According to the "national interest" website reported on September 2nd, the Ukraine aircraft manufacturer Antonov company is one of the most legendary Soviet company in recent years, it is almost bankrupt. Because of the Soviet Union, Antonov company in the last century 80s designed the world’s largest aircraft – an -225 "dream" aircraft. At present, only an -225 transport aircraft in good condition, able to fly. Now, only an Antonov -225 aircraft is used as a commercial cargo transport, all the items from the generator to the overweight turbine blades and petroleum machinery. More concern is that the company was originally designed Antonov aircraft is going to transport reusable space shuttle. Reported that China wants to build an -225 transport aircraft, and there may be other. August 30th, Kiev and Beijing signed a cooperation agreement, will be completed second, not yet completed an -225 transport aircraft, and then delivered to China Aviation Industry Corp. Antonov company announced at a news conference said: "the second stage, to obtain a license, organization in the production of series products Chinese." The company said: "in addition to funding, Ukraine will also ensure that with those who may participate in the project’s global industry giants to ensure that international cooperation." An -225 aircraft has the world’s most wide wingspan: 290 feet (about 88 meters), on the whole it is the plane of the "beast". The wingspan is not the history of the most wide, the history of the most wide wingspan belongs to H-4 Hercules aircraft, but it is the history of the most heavy aircraft. Existing safety -225 transport aircraft first flight in 1988. But in 1993, the space shuttle program was canceled, and second aircraft were sealed in Ukraine, when it was under construction. The company will complete the construction of second Antonov transport aircraft, and then delivered to Chinese. But the -225 transport plane is more than just a plane? It is business. Ukraine’s aviation industry is eager to find customers. Reported that the most important issue is that China’s purchase of the world’s largest aircraft, the intention behind it. There is hardly any detail, and when it comes to major aviation projects, a general rule is that seeing is believing. It is true that China needs a heavy jet aircraft, but it needs a lot of shelves, and it requires people to understand how they work in decades. It is hard to see how a highly expensive, highly specialized, ultra large aircraft is advancing towards this goal. At present, China’s only domestic construction of the strategic jet transport aircraft transport -20. It was first flown in 2013. Another possibility is that China’s -225 transport aircraft can be done in Ukraine, an -225 transport aircraft can now do – flying around the world, transport very heavy cargo. It may take a.相关的主题文章: