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"Westward journey 3" today released five major masterpieces exposing odd love entertainment Tencent in September 14th, directed by Jeffrey Lau, starring Tang Yan, Han Geng, Karen Mok (micro-blog) (micro signal: karenmok01), Wu Jing, Hu Jing guest star of the "Westward Journey" series of films of the "big 3" in the West tour finally fans in time and again shock the film’s release, the roadshow will also start. 20 years later, I knew that love and Zixia again, the plot conflict, funny performances caused the comedy, "westward journey 3" mid autumn festival called the archives of the most can not miss the carnival film. On the day of release, the film side all secret five big wonderful surprise, multi language version of the ultimate trailer also will be exposed. One point: Jeffrey Lau said the ultimate regression of authentic "big" in 1994, Jeffrey Lau has been a great achievement in the comedy film, every works can cause waves of comedy in the movie theater, but he will not stop creative, decided to make a new attempt, the tragedy as the offbeat comedy "Westward Journey" kernel the birth of. When the audience is looking forward to going to the cinema a laugh, but tears, which makes them difficult to accept, so Jeffrey Lau also suffered countless criticism. However, the real pearl always conceal brilliance, with the passage of time, people find themselves increasingly love the tears laughing intertwined stories, the characters and plot to forget them, one of the classic lines become a common popular language. 20 years later, Jeffrey Lau is the old urchin, his imagination is still a powerful and unconstrained style, his lens language still full of meaning, behind the seemingly absurd story is logical, "Westward Journey" of the story started by him, he will also be to. "Dahua" series finale "westward journey 3" by Jeffrey Lau as director and screenwriter, or deviant "journey" story, or the original Liu’s style, this time Jeffrey Lau will bring what kind of surprise, let us wait and see. Two things: "I love Han Geng" one "the" Tang Yan guards disobedience in the film series "Westward Journey", and it is the most important character of Zixia, play the two roles of natural persons is also of concern. "I played by Han Geng in the" westward journey 3, in addition to handsome appearance to feast their eyes, his temperament and it is also very similar, in the end it has righteousness, only love one person in reality Zixia, Han Geng also has feelings, in several interviews that his family is his most an important person in our life, we must take good care of them, so as a sense of Han Geng is undoubtedly the best candidate of the interpretation of it. While Tang Yan played the celestial aspect full, elegant and refined in addition to Xian Qi, a bit more tough and brave, once the letter was ordered to Zixia by day, she insisted Rendingshengtian, trying to rewrite the fate, never give up attitude is in line with today’s generation of psychological and aesthetic audience, believe that this "Treason" Zixia will bring viewers find everything fresh and new feeling. Aspect three: Wulitou Comedy Music over the audience "laugh" extraordinary joy for the comedy film, Jeffrey Lau his own understanding, expression and just create new styles.相关的主题文章: