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Photography At studioRED, we tell your story. Your wedding will have very unique moments, each with a different sensitivity. Our journalistic style of wedding photography is inspired by a passion to document your day in a way that brings back the emotions and moments naturally. Take a look at our photography which is a blend of our journalistic and candid styles. We provide video coverage for your wedding day and any other events that you’d like. We re.mend having video only for the main wedding day. Having too many videographers with bright lights ruins the sentimental and soft ambience of the pre-wedding events. Our lead wedding photographer will manage the photo and video team. It is all about the eye behind the camera. Who we are is probably the most important part about choosing us. We’re a bunch of photographers, artistic designers, e-.merce and operations work horses. We’ve built online photography services .panies like scancafe.. and smilebooks.scancafe.. for the US and Europe markets, which made us think "Why don’t we change the state of the Indian wedding photography industry? Why is it such a struggle to get a professional and artistic team?" We are different – hatke. Just like "Dil Chahta Hai" changed the story telling style of Indian cinema, we are changing the world of Indian wedding photography (if you didn’t like Dil Chahta Hai, we need to talk…). Photography is about angles and moments – to shoot good scenes studioRED photographers lie down, hide behind flowers, climb balconies (safely!) and do what it takes to wow you. We want you to see our work, seeing is believing. Our name studioRED was inspired by the boutique feel of a studio and the color of Indian weddings, RED. It also jived with our youthful attitude of being bold and unconventional. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: