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Zhao Wei opened the Venice Film Festival: review to learn to appreciate [Abstract] as for the review, Zhao Wei said: "I just finished my second film directed, outstanding works here will inspire me. Is a process of appreciation, but also a learning process. Hope to work with other members of the jury to pick out the best movies." The seventy-third Venice Film Festival, Zhao Wei Zhang Yuqi and other filmmakers at the Venice jury China red carpet (Tencent entertainment Zhuangao style easy to figure and video editor Zhang Chao Sui 3) "let us begin!" As chairman of the Venice Biennale, Paul · in this festival the first press conference of Bharat, with such a simple and powerful discourse as a prologue. Venice local time on the evening of August 31st, the seventy-third Venice International Film Festival on the island of Lido officially kicked off the movie palace. The opening ceremony of the red carpet, because of the lack of Chinese films in the main competition, so the jury as a member of Zhao Wei and Zhang Yuqi on the shoulder of the red carpet on the mainland actress "carry handle" responsibility. Zhao Wei a black dress formal formal, Zhang Yuqi is a golden dress appearance. In addition, walk the red carpet and will premiere at the Taiwan film "goodbye" the Mandalay creative crew, they are director Zhao Deyin and starring Ke Zhendong, Wu Kexi. This year’s Venice Film Festival is actually covered with some haze. A week before the opening of the festival, the central area of Italy suffered a serious earthquake disaster, the organizing committee also canceled the welcome dinner scheduled. According to the chairman said, during this festival, will set up an account to raise money for reconstruction work. These details are reflected in the festival party’s social responsibility. In Europe the grim security situation, in order to strict security measures, the festival around the area have also expanded road closures. This morning, the festival’s opening film "Philharmonic city" the first media field showing on the head, won a high praise. This retro romantic musical film for nearly five years the best quality is the shadow of Venice launched a good start. In the evening of the second screenings of the film competition, "the light between the ocean" also maintained its due level. In any case, the Venice Film Festival has opened in the next 10 days, the city will bring us what kind of surprise, more worthy of our expectations. "The Philharmonic city" opening film stills "Philharmonic" the city unveiled a new director touted the opening film "Philharmonic city" (click to view the end of 2003) after the show won applause. This is a retro style, elegant tonal modern musical actress Ryan · Gauss Lin and Elmar · Stone the love story between the moving end, some unexpected. At present, 9 foreign media are given scores of more than 75 points, the score of 4 out of 100, with an average score of up to 91 points. The film will also be at the end of November in the North American small release, targeting Oscar. It is particularly worth mentioning is that the film is in the "Newsboy legend" (1992), Hollywood first original music film (not adapted from other movies, television, literature, drama,.相关的主题文章: