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Mobile-Audio-Video Car CD/DVD players have many disadvantages of their own. Firstly you will need to carry a bunch of your favourite CDs along with you wherever you go. This becomes a headache if you are travelling all the time, because you will have to carry the extra load along with you wherever you go. Apart from this CD/DVDs have a very big disadvantage If due to misuse or rough handling the surface of the discs get scratched then the discs wont read properly and the tracks wont play on your system. The discs are also subject to breakage easily, the reason why they cannot be trusted for a long term use. There is one great solution available now to the above mentioned problems USB car stereo. The USB car stereos unlike the CD/DVD car stereos only have a USB port and a digital screen to let you see what tracks you are playing. The main advantage of a USB car stereo is that you can plug in your pen-drive or memory stick into the port or you can also plug in your mp3 player or iPod into it and enjoy your favourite tracks on the go. This is a great relief because you will not have to carry all those discs of yours everywhere you go. Just carry your pen-drive in your pocket and plug it in your car stereo to take the pleasure of your music sessions while driving. Another advantage of USB car stereos is that you will not have to sit at your computer and burn your discs for hours in order to carry them along with you on your drive. With USB drives all you have to do is drag and drop music tracks into your memory stick and carry it along. It is fast and your music is safe from corruption or damage. The mp3 players also work in a similar way as the memory sticks. However, once you have plugged in your mp3 players into the USB music players the functionalities of the players change during the music session. If you are uncomfortable with the changes then you should perhaps read the manuals first or better get help from the customer support of your music system company, Apart from the input, the rest of the features are all the same. The car speakers and sub-woofers are fitted normally in the car as your car technician would know. However, the USB players are much faster to access than the CD/DVD players, because they do not take time to read data from discs. About the Author: CarStereos4u is a dedicated company which believes in hard-work and quality customer service. This vision of the car stereos accessories retailing company has taken it to great heights in the international market today. It was launched in 1994, from where it has toiled hard to get authorizations for international brands like Kenwood, Pioneer, Alpine and Sony. Apart from this they stock the widest variety of car music systems and accessories on the web. You can visit the website for online shopping – Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Mobile-Audio-Video 相关的主题文章: