Unlicensed van crashed into a pedestrian on the zebra crossing more than ten meters after the escape vidalia

Unlicensed van in the zebra passers Zhuangfei ten meters after the escape in the middle of the night, unlicensed pedestrian zebra van Zhuangfei 10 meters after without pause, but to escape directly, to a driver on the driveway spooked, rushed to the police. This traffic brigade from Qingshan District was informed that the driver has been arrested by the police. Pedestrian Zhuangfei killed on the spot "the night was driving on the road, suddenly from flying over a person!" 23:13 on November 11th, QingShanOu traffic brigade command center received the alarm call, Friendship Avenue Qingshan District People’s court in front of a traffic accident, a van pedestrian zebra crossing directly into the opposite lane, then the gas escape door. After receiving the alarm, police immediately launched a major peak traffic accident escape case emergency mechanism, quickly set up a "11.11" case. The police investigation found that 23:13 on November 11th, a white plate medium van along the friendship road traveling from east to west to the Qingshan District People’s court door, accident and pedestrians in the crosswalk, pedestrians will fly to the opposite lane, pedestrians on the spot death. The white van left the rear of the vehicle headlight damage, serious ash, can not see the license plate, after the accident along the Friendship Avenue West to escape. After the information judged that van accident along the friendship road from east to west to escape, in the construction of a road junction turn left on Xiang Feng Road, Beiyang Bridge Road, unity Road, after unity Avenue East Nga entrance, into the Near East Nga district. Because there is no public security monitoring around the East Nga District, and the vehicle in the entering area after no trace. Chase accident caught two drug addicts at 23:38, a left headlight damaged unlicensed white van from the wisdom and the way into the Friendship Avenue, and to the East, turn right Yangchun Lake Road, driving on the elevated joy. Because there is no monitoring on the viaduct, the car can not take a look at the car, only to watch the vehicle escape. After the transfer of the 4 directions of the video, the police finally stand in the road to the road junction of the wild goose found a similar van. The car continued to travel by road to the green jade mountain direction, eventually parked in the white mountain laurel source inn door. Found the vehicle stopped, the suspect under investigation team immediately organized police began to arrest. November 12, 2016 at 6 pm, the police arrested a license plate for the e AVM270 small bread and 2 are "sneak Maguo" of young men. But after the residue and contact trace, and assault trial of 2 young men, we have found the AVM270 small bread as the left headlight damage, but not the vehicle. The police ordered 2 young men over Baiyushan police station (all police administrative detention). Suspects unlicensed legal awareness of the car to catch up with the wrong, everything is to start from scratch, this time the incident has passed 12 hours. Group information judged by repeated viewing, Hubei AVM270 van past 3 minutes after 23:41, and a similar white plate medium van into the Friendship Avenue from Chile and road. After the police multi camera shooting pictures, the details of the vehicle than the analysis, initially concluded that the car is the vehicle. Continue to track, hair.相关的主题文章: