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United Nations officials called on the international community to provide humanitarian assistance – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Pyongyang in September 19, North Korea flood area (reporter Guo Yina Lu Rui) the United Nations Coordinator in Korea, UNDP Resident Representative of the Korean 19, Tappan? Mishra, urged the international community to provide humanitarian assistance to the flood in North korea. Tappan? Mishra said in an exclusive interview with Xinhua in Pyongyang, after the floods in North Korea North Hamgyong North Korean government relief work more timely and effective, with the assistance of the international community to show more positive and open attitude. According to Tapan introduction, many international organizations have been hit with food, nutrition, kitchenware, refuge facilities, water purification equipment, emergency relief supplies such as medicines, also plans to provide more than 4 houses and a large number of drugs, food etc.. At the end of October, the disaster area the temperature will drop to zero degrees Celsius, the winter will bring great difficulties to the post disaster reconstruction. "We have to build 20 thousand houses before winter comes." Tapan said: North Korea has the ability to build, but may lack adequate roof. The North Korean government told us directly and the other governments that they wanted to help them with the roof." Tapan said that the North Korean government to see the strength of the national disaster relief, he was optimistic about the post disaster reconstruction". At the end of August to early September, the northern region of Korea due to typhoon, heavy rain caused flooding has caused 138 deaths, 400 people missing, 140 thousand people in need of help. After the disaster, the WPK Central Committee issued a petition calling on the forces to participate in disaster relief work. North Korea’s foreign ministry before facing many Asian countries toward the envoys held a briefing, informed the affected area in North Hamgyong, North Korea called on countries to support post disaster reconstruction.相关的主题文章: