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UFC won "lesbian equality celebrity Award" is the first openly gay Title [Abstract] the current UFC women’s bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes (Amanda Nunes) recently held in Losangeles "California annual equality awards won the award of" equality of celebrities. UFC prada! No matter the opponent before the more Niubi game will be playing her cry of Amanda – Nunes is the first openly gay UFC champion UFC China hearing at UFC women’s bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes (Amanda Nunes) recently held in Losangeles "California equal annual awards won" equal personality Award "because, she is the first openly gay UFC champion for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights equal contribution. Amanda – Nunes in July of this year’s UFC200 in the first round TKO defeat Micha Tate (Miesha Tate), UFC became the women’s bantamweight champion. After she confessed they were lesbian, and introduced his girlfriend Nina Anne Fu (Nina Ansaroff) dimethlbenzene. Nina Ann was both a blessing and a UFC player, she and Nunes together in the American Top Team boxing training. Nunes said in his acceptance speech: "I hope that one day can be the same with the ordinary gay love equal, so I will do all their efforts to support gay equality. I would like to share my love with you and help people to be themselves, until the world is a better place." In addition, the unofficial spokesman Nunes or "We UFC Are All Fighters" activities, the activities and the close cooperation of Southern Nevada’s gay community center, to support gay, bisexual and transgender people through charity donations of equal rights. Nunes’s record of 13 wins and 4 losses, including 9 KO, 3 times to win. She had played 4 games, in addition to beat TKO Tate became bantamweight champion of the women’s, she also defeated consecutive good Na – Basler (Shayna Baszler), Sara Maikeman (Sara McMann) and Valen Tina – Shevchenko (Valentina Shevchenko). Nunes’s first Champions war is likely to be against Rossi (Ronda Rousey) – luanda. (UFC Chinese Montana)相关的主题文章: