U.S. media said China’s latest 095 nuclear submarines have been launched from the Russian water tech-actv

U.S. media said the latest China 095 nuclear submarines have launched from Russia by the technology of map information: the user design Chinese next generation nuclear submarine 095 imagine map reference news network November 10 news media said, in China media first reported its nuclear submarine 3 years later, the country’s first exhibition China recently announced a nuclear submarine. The plan has been revealed in their 2013 campaign. At the same time, this type of "Long March 091" nuclear submarine has been achieved non militarization (open and take away the nuclear reactor, and then re assembled) and after cleaning, available for exhibition. This process is costly, so far, only the United States (1965 submarine "Nautilus") and France (2002 "awesome" ballistic missile submarine) do. According to the American strategy page website reported on November 8th, in the construction of nearly 10 years after the first 091 Chinese submarine entered service in 1974. The submarine retired in 2000. 091 nuclear submarines, a total of 5, of which 3 are still in service. The theme of the media campaign in 2013 was that during the 42 years of operation, China’s nuclear submarine had never experienced a nuclear reactor accident. This is an indirect reference to the Russians, because Russia is the only nuclear submarine nuclear accident occurred in the country, in part, most of the world’s nuclear submarines are built in russia. So far, about 400 nuclear submarines have been built in the world, most of which are made in russia. Reported that, in combat, a nuclear submarine is used only once (in 1982, a British attack submarine sank a ship Argentina cruiser). China currently has 12 active nuclear submarines (8 attack submarines, and the 4 ballistic missile submarines). China’s offensive nuclear submarine is loud and unreliable. China’s attack submarines rarely go to sea, which is why they did not have a nuclear accident. China’s ballistic missile nuclear submarine is basically an enlarged attack submarine, has never conducted combat patrols, only short-term training tasks. Reported that the attack on nuclear submarines, Type 091 smaller (4100 tons), the crew of 75 people. The French submarine sonar and other electronic equipment provided by foreign suppliers. In 1980s, people believe that Chinese will abandon the submarine, but they have since been in maintenance and update the type 093 submarine, the new attack submarine until in 2002 began to appear, they are always Chinese only nuclear attack submarine. Type 093 submarine was obsolete at the beginning of its birth. New type 095 submarine has been launched. In the field of nuclear submarines, in the next ten or twenty years, China will catch up. The Chinese know that they are dealing with dangerous and unreliable nuclear submarine technology. China seems determined to avoid the mistakes of Russia until it has mastered the technology (at least until the reliability and safety of their nuclear weapons is much higher than the Russian nuclear) began to build a large number of submarines. China seems to be gaining more Russian nuclear submarine technology, as well as the latest technology in this field. The sailor, a new generation of nuclear submarines Chinese is expected to be much safer, but also more reliable. In the future one or two.相关的主题文章: