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Typhoon Meranti to Zhejiang more than 150 people were affected and 10 people were killed and 4 people missing xinhuanet.com Hangzhou on September 17th news, reporters on the morning of 17 from Zhejiang province flood prevention and drought relief headquarters learned that the fourteenth typhoon "Meranti this year" cause more serious damage to the Zhejiang. As of September 17th 11, 10 people died, 4 people missing, the affected population of more than 1 million 500 thousand. According to the analysis of Zhejiang province to the relevant experts, the 14 typhoon disaster characteristics mainly includes four points: one is the large amount of rainfall. In September 14th 8 to 16, 16, the province’s surface rainfall reached 143 mm, 26 stations over 400 mm, the Taizhou District of Huangyan Wang Chun 518 mm, Yueqing lake, ocean station 497 mm, 492 mm Ouhai Sanyang plow. Two is a large range of rainfall. The province surface rainfall over 100 mm in the area of 102 thousand square kilometers, covering the province, more than 150 mm in the area of 62 thousand and 800 square kilometers, accounting for 60% of the province’s land area, more than 200 mm in the area of 44 thousand and 500 square kilometers, accounting for more than 40% of the province’s land area. Three is the rainfall intensity is big. The 1 hour rainfall exceeding 80 mm 12 times, more than 50 mm 155 times. 3 hours of rainfall over 100 mm have more than 126 sites, more than 80 mm has 315 sites. The provincial Climate Center assessment confirmed that the Taishun Si Xi Zhen Zhou Lu Village Station 1 hours maximum rainfall of 102.8 mm (15, 12), over a hundred years, Ya Yang Town Village Station maximum 3 hour rainfall of 257.6 mm, over a hundred years. The Provincial Bureau of hydrology monitoring station, Taishun summer furnace maximum 3 hour rainfall of 228.5 mm, measured over the history records (record 156.5 mm), up to a hundred years. "Meranti" by Zhejiang Taizhou Huangyan many landslides. Huangyan Propaganda Department figure four is difficult to prevent. Early continuous high temperature and little rain, mountain soil dry loose, easily lead to heavy rainfall landslides, landslides and other geological disasters. Typhoon during the Mid Autumn Festival is a small holiday, but also coincides with the astronomical tide and the East China Sea fishing, early warning, transfer hedge, organizational mobilization difficult. Especially Wenzhou, Taishun and other places, the vast majority of mountains, high mountains and steep slopes, short River torrent and geological complex terrain conditions, rural houses are built with mountains and streams, torrents geological disaster prevention is very difficult. Affected by heavy rainfall, damaged parts of embankment collapsed houses, flooded farmland, transportation, electricity, communications interruption, a more serious loss. It has been reported all over the data, as of September 17th 11, Wenzhou City, Jinhua City, Taizhou City, Lishui city in 5 cities and 32 counties (districts) affected, the affected population of 1 million 514 thousand and 200 people; 902 houses collapsed; 75 thousand and 170 hectares of crops affected area, roads, electricity, communications interruption. The 10 people died, 4 people missing. Zhejiang Sheng Fangzhi researcher Li Shouxing said, in conjunction with the relevant departments to check about the death of missing after the discovery, 8 14 people were killed and missing events scattered, 8 places in 4 counties in the distribution, up to 3 people; 8 incidents in 6 geological hazards are bursty and flash floods caused 1 of them. Debris flow,)相关的主题文章: