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The typhoon rainstorm in Suzhou City, under the city emergency management office issued an emergency notice News Network (reporter Xiong Shuguang), according to the weather forecast, affected by the typhoon "Meranti" peripheral circulation and cold air, 15 to 17, Suzhou is expected to have a significant rainfall, and may be accompanied by strong convective weather such as short-term heavy rainfall. The 15 day of heavy rain, the night of 15 to 16 days, 17 days of storm rainfall of up to 18 days with moderate rain, rainfall tends to stop, 15 to 17, the cumulative rainfall of up to 80-120 mm, local 150 mm. For the possible occurrence of disastrous weather, the city emergency office to do a good job to prevent response requirements are as follows: first, attach great importance to the prevention of disastrous weather. All localities and departments should pay close attention to changes in the weather, do a good job in the preparation of strong wind and rain disaster preparedness. According to the provisions of the plan, in a timely manner to start the emergency response, to strengthen the organization and leadership of the work of disaster prevention and response to weather, close coordination and cooperation, and actively respond to the prevention, the implementation of the work. Two, the full implementation of the defense measures. All localities and departments should earnestly do the following work: (a) is focused on the organization of dilapidated houses, shanty, tourist attractions, industrial and mining enterprises, low-lying areas, underground space, such as port anchorage sites and facilities for inspection and reinforcement of tower crane, high-rise city billboards and other types of temporary structures, eliminate all kinds of accidents, to ensure the safety of people’s life and property. (two) is to fully implement the protection of traffic safety and smoothness of the various measures, the city municipal public security traffic water and other relevant departments to strengthen the city road, especially the dredging work of elevated bridge and other key parts of the city, strengthen the drainage network, drainage pumping stations and other municipal facilities management and maintenance, timely elimination of city flood water, to ensure safe and smooth traffic. (three) is seriously doing all kinds of water conservancy projects and patrol duty, strengthen the river bank, reservoir defense, implementation of the rescue teams and supplies, ensure the safety of the project. Strengthen the management of production safety of Yangtze River, Taihu and other major rivers and lakes, make safe prevention work. Three, do a good job of information disclosure and guidance. Meteorological departments should strengthen the real-time monitoring of the weather, timely release of early warning information. Water conservancy departments should strengthen rainfall, hydrological, flood monitoring and forecasting, timely release of flood information. Land sector to strengthen the monitoring and early warning of geological hazards. All localities and departments should strengthen communication, meteorological, water resources, land and resources and other departments to achieve information sharing, establish and improve the emergency linkage mechanism. Four, strengthen emergency duty. All localities and departments and units to further strengthen emergency duty, implement the 24 hours on duty and an important period of the leadership class system, strict responsibility system, conscientiously implement the duty requirements. All unattended emergency personnel should stick to their posts, to ensure smooth communication command, once the disaster or emergency major case, to carry out emergency work quickly, and according to the provisions of timely and truthfully report the information, to ensure the work to deal with the strong and orderly conduct. Expansion of the video: unrelated to the original text of Jiangsu, Suzhou: typhoon and heavy rain due to flood control Taihu will face a severe test相关的主题文章: