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Two men "theft partner" Zhuantou sleeping users Beijing Beijing – September 23 Jinjiang Xinhua (Chen Huiwan Chen Xu) two unemployed man day joined Internet cafes, money fast, combined into a "theft partner" Zhuantou Cafe sleeping in the internet. 23, the reporter learned from the Jinjiang Municipal Public Security Bureau, recently, the two partners in the crime after being arrested by the police for 5 hours. In September 22nd 5 pm, Mr. Xu police said, he in the village of noeken above town Internet cafes, and put it in my pants. The mobile phone was stolen. After the alarm, the police rushed to the scene immediately after the retrieval of surveillance video, police found a man asleep while Mr. Xu stole his mobile phone. The man suspected of police tracked the man and another man. After the meeting, to take the vehicle to leave. Careful police found the man in the afternoon in the joint Internet cafe, and the man suspected of theft succeeded, the man hurried down the left, then two people in a nearby cafe. After the master of the clues, the police after further investigation found that in September, Jinjiang Meiling street cafes also had a similar Internet theft while sleeping. Police conducted a string of two cases and found that the case of the same group of suspects in the case of the two. That night, the police learned that two man suspected in a cafe near Shishi coach station, immediately organized the police to arrest, 8 o’clock that night, police in the cafe two men were all arrested. After the trial, two suspects were man Huang (Hubei 23,) and Luo Mouping (21 years old, Chongqing). According to the two account, the two did not work, but also love the Internet, they think of stealing other people’s property to meet their desires. See some Internet cafes in the phone will be on the table or trouser pockets, two people feel that while people are sleeping on the Internet after the absolute safety of the day, it is specialized in the Internet bar all day to see, after the discovery of the goal of rapid theft leave. After that, the phone will be sold for hundreds of dollars. Two people confessed that since September this year, they are in Quanzhou, Jinjiang and other places of crime from the 3. Currently, two people have been under criminal detention according to law, the case is being processed. Police also reminded the masses, in public places should pay attention to keep their belongings, so as not to cause property damage. (end)相关的主题文章: