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Trump Adele Adele: not campaign songs I agree – the Sohu news [global network reporter Guo Pengfei reported] U.S. Republican presidential candidate Trump’s day, he rallies in the British campaign many times to play the famous singer Adele (Adele) of the popular song. Adele said in a statement that Trump did not get her consent to play songs. According to British media reports, hundreds of millions of rich Trump is a fan of Adele, who last year to attend her concert in New York, Trump not only played Adele’s hit song Rolling In The Deep campaign in the thermal field, and in a campaign speech after playing Adele for the film "007: Heaven crisis" singing the theme song. Trump by Adele in the song "we can have it all" (we could have had it all), "the collapse of the world, we still stand up straight and face together" (when it crumbles we will, stand tall, face it, all together) for their campaign in the campaign, the Adele fans very angry, and questioned whether Trump has won the Adele authorized the use of music. Adele broke the silence today and said through the spokesman that she did not authorize any political activity to use her music, making it clear that she did not support Trump’s play of her music. Since Adele supported the British Labor Party in 2011, he decided to concentrate on music creation and no longer talk about politics.

特朗普竞选使用阿黛尔歌曲 阿黛尔:未获我同意-搜狐新闻  【环球网报道 记者 郭鹏飞】美国共和党总统参选人特朗普声势日起,他在竞选造势活动多次播放英国著名歌手阿黛尔(Adele)的畅销歌曲。阿黛尔发表声明,指出特朗普播放歌曲并未获得她的同意。   据英国媒体报道,亿万富特朗普是阿黛尔的粉丝,去年曾参加她在纽约的演唱会,特朗普不仅在竞选活动热场时播放阿黛尔的畅销歌曲Rolling In The Deep,并在竞选演说后播放阿黛尔为电影“007:天降危机”演唱的主题曲。   特朗普利用阿黛尔歌曲中的歌词“我们可以拥有一切”(we could have had it all),“当世界崩塌,我们仍挺直站立,一起面对”(when it crumbles, we will stand tall , face it all together),为自己在竞选活动造势,令阿黛尔的粉丝十分愤怒,并质疑特朗普是否有获得阿黛尔授权使用音乐。   阿黛尔今天打破沉默,透过发言人表示,未授权任何政治活动可以使用她的音乐,明确说明她不支持特朗普播放她的音乐。   自2011年阿黛尔曾表示支持英国工党后,决定专注音乐创作,不再谈政治。相关的主题文章: