Transfer of property during the divorce so that not Be careful to cleanse the family!

Transfer of property during the divorce so that not? Be careful to cleanse the family! Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lags behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Source: selected based assistant (WeChat public No.: jrjfond) divorce is not an easy thing, a lot of people think this thing is simple, it is he (she) is wrong, the money before the divorce was transferred, like Ma Rong, not on the line? So my brother, so you want to completely mistaken! Before the transfer of property is illegal, serious person can be sentenced to cleanse the family, do not believe you try, recently, the Supreme People’s Court issued a batch of guiding cases, there is a case to clear before the divorce can be sentenced to the transfer of property less of property or cleanse the family". The guiding case of concern as much as her husband derailed, his wife can be more than the topic of property. The transfer of property, will cleanse the family? In fact, before the release of the guiding case in the Supreme People’s court, a party to the transfer of jointly owned property, the people’s court ruling "cleanse the family situation, more judgment" less property ". At present, in the divorce proceedings, the court in the division of jointly owned property, will generally refer to a hidden, transferring, selling or common property of the husband and wife in the amount, should share the common property of the couple in the corresponding deductions, even there may be many deductions, will reduce the distribution of property to the other button a party. So, that as long as one hidden, transfer, sale or destruction of matrimonial property act, the party will "get out" is a misunderstanding. In fact, the topic itself is expressly provided. Forty-seventh of the marriage law stipulates: "at the time of divorce, one party conceals, transfers, sells or destroys the common property of the couple, or forges debts in an attempt to seize the property of the other party, the division of jointly owned property, the concealment, transfer, sale or destruction of matrimonial property or counterfeit debt side, less or none. After the divorce, the other party found that the above acts, can be found within 2 years after the people’s court proceedings, request the division of common property. Although the marriage law provisions for the transfer of the property of the party, can the sentence "less or not", but in what circumstances can be "less", under what circumstances can the "no", what circumstances can not be "less or not" are not clear. In this case, the majority of judges choose the discretion of the discretion of the "little" is not accidental. The highest case law towards sanctions against malicious transfer of property in the direction taken a cautious step, although not yet activated "provisions" provisions, but it can be said that in the future, efforts can also be further strengthened. The current trend is concerned, more courts tend to "decision points" and "get out", which is the highest law of endorsement and advocacy. The supreme law of the endorsement and advocacy is weak, to bid farewell to the judicial integrity and malicious ills of war. Read these, want to think of their own means is reasonable! Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: