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Traffic police officers and soldiers for 100 years old birthday (Figure) – Beijing new network in Dehua in October 7, (Liao Zhenhua) the 7 day is the last day of the National Day holiday, is also the old grandmother hair cone 100 birthday. Just finished the highway through the tasks of the armed police traffic officers and soldiers carrying a big birthday cake, came to the 100 year old hair cone home for her birthday. People have a joyous gathering, full of warmth and passion. In September 28th, typhoon "catfish" brought a dangerous situation in Fujian County in southern Dehua Cheng Zhen and Shuikou Town rural roads damaged interruption, resulting in 7 villages along the more than 600 people trapped. The same day, traffic police force was dispatched 120 soldiers, 40 Taiwan (sets) of large machinery to rush to the rescue of Dehua, after 6 days and 6 nights of continuous fighting, successfully reopened the damaged highway, "island village" completely restored to traffic. At the same time to grab the road, the armed police force composed of a transport of 10 people living materials team, walking to the trapped people to send rice, cooking oil and daily necessities. There are soldiers with health to carry out the obligations of the people suffering from the disease clinics, to send medicine to solution trapped people as pressing danger. In October 2nd, the soldiers came to the Shuikou Town Village Fifth groups plow hair cone the elderly, leading cadres of Xiao Feng learned that the old man is about to usher in the 100th birthday, the village has more than and 40 people over the age of 80, is known as "longevity village". Xiao Feng will report the situation to the chief. Third traffic police corps deputy chief Chen Lijin informed, held a provisional Party committee meeting, and we discuss, decided to appoint officers and representatives to centenarians too, and organization of condolences to live in the countryside Empty Nester. In the morning of October 7th, Shuikou Town Party Secretary Lai poetry with three, Traffic Police Corps detachment eighth deputy political commissar Jiang Jianguang led several soldiers, with a cake and milk, a road through a muddy footpath tramp over mountains and through ravines, and entered the 100 year old hair cone home. "Mao grandma, I wish you a Happy birthday, health and longevity!" Jiang Jianguang shook hands with the old man whose hair cone, warm wishes. The police officers to see for myself too, the old man smiles, nods. "Thank you very much, and my family Thank you!" The gold standard with pin feather son is touched, sincerely to soldiers made a bow. He said he was 73 years old this year, as well as brothers and sisters of the four. "My mother’s 100th birthday is today, you are our guest house. You get through this road, we all get together to celebrate the reunion. Thank you again!" The soldiers and the longevity of one family sitting around the hall, filled with a few peach cake, lit the candles. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you……" All the people sing a song of "Happy Birthday", and then a warm applause. After eating the cake, the soldiers picked up the shovels and brooms, help clean the typhoon chaos home and garden, clean up under the eaves of the ditch. The family also began to work together to work together, and soon clean up very clean and tidy. When the time comes, one hundred相关的主题文章: