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Toronto Film Festival exclusive observation from the audience market’s recent film festival [Abstract] with the award-winning "Philharmonic city", the forty-first Toronto International Film Festival also drew a satisfactory full stop, regardless of the industry or the audience, the Toronto Film Festival is to let them have a good harvest. Tencent entertainment Zhuangao (easy style) cute "Philharmonic city" eventually became the "people’s Choice Award winner, also let the forty-first Toronto International Film Festival drew a satisfactory full stop. In just 10 days, the festival attracted more than 450 thousand visitors. They have a common audience, there are people from around the world, as well as media reporters. Whether for the industry or the audience, the Toronto Film Festival can let them have a full harvest. In fact, it is difficult for you to use the "Toronto stunts" such a stereotype to look at here, in fact, Toronto already is the largest and most important North American Film Festival and the film market, it is Oscar’s outpost and wind vane. "City" from the Venice Philharmonic award to Toronto, has become one of the most popular film of the year awards season. Last year, the new "platform" unit is the only unit close to the traditional Film Festival Competition unit. This year’s winner is Natalie · first lady Portman "best actress" performance ". In particular, the film awards, it is the only woman in the three reviewers, Zhang Ziyi. Toronto this year, the Chinese element is not a bit. Zhang Ziyi went on to review the identity, respectively and the closing film of the red carpet opening film. If she starred in "romantic" die without temporary exit, her schedule will be more busy. "I am not Pan Jinlian" here in the world premiere and sold the North American distribution rights, Lee Hom will own documentary film "firepower" premiere scene into the song friend meeting, China capital Toupai "dragon" was born the same appearance earned in Toronto, not to mention the movie market figure. Hollywood superstar series debut, 3200 volunteers, before the beginning of the movie "the sponsor of modern advertising, a superb collection of beautiful things" convenient Lighbox building, the main venue in the city on the main road of the red carpet…… Open, diverse, commercial, vibrant, these key words are the success of the Toronto Film Festival label, but also the city and Canadian filmmakers in the world a business card. What is the film festival without competition? No airs the winning piece night free screenings "in order to prove that I really to get this award very surprised. You see, I do not wear a suit to award." Won the Toronto Film Festival International Film Critics Association Award for "Kati Kati" director Mbithi Masya award when the first sentence amused the audience. He a Hoodie T-shirt, ready to go to the airport, by the Organizing Committee of a call back to the site. If you are used to Chinese type film festival "party" at the closing ceremony of the Cannes Film Festival, or the dress sat style closing ceremony, then compared to the Toronto Film Festival Closing Ceremony below is simply "humble". Located in Lightbox, theaters, all 30 minutes ahead of schedule.相关的主题文章: