To take her daughter as begging selling point people do not mention it – Sohu comments 9c8921

To take the daughter as "begging people selling" don’t hesitate to comment – Sohu reported recently in Shandong Linyi street, a man came out begging with a girl, in the cold wind, the child wrapped in a blanket homework on the roadside, causing passers-by attention, we have love. However, according to reporter field survey found that the man was begging specialist, "he begged the daughter is the biggest selling point." Wang Jiuchang used his children begging, through to win public sympathy to achieve the purpose of making money, as a father, this is obviously extremely irresponsible. Small children begging, let the children sleep on the streets, to accept alms. If things go on like this, will cause great harm to the child’s physical and mental health, can not let Wang Jiuchang continue to hurt the child. Wang Jiuchang with children begging, "People’s Republic of China suspected of violating the law on the protection of minors" prohibit coercion, deception, the use of the provisions of minors begging or organizing minors harmful to their physical and mental health show and other activities. Through legal measures, the implementation of punishment for him; the local authorities should strengthen guidance and help to promote Guardian responsibility of child protection; if the guardian to take coercive measures, incorrigible, replacing the guardian for the children. No matter how society can not for those people who want something for nothing, love leisure and hate labour only blindly indulge, but not to the responsibility of guardianship of minors parents blindly tolerance for those who do, connivance and patience of these people, will only make more minor damage. Wear a first (staff)相关的主题文章: