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Provide Chinese scheme — Theory – 14 years to the outside world senior diplomats, together in Yanan Institute of China focus on learning, we explore how to better the connection and communication of Chinese and foreign world "," China plan for the development of the world". After that, the ambassadors also traveled to Yanan, Tongchuan, Xi’an 3 city, travel more than a thousand years. These frames with fourth training China envoys to learn every glimpse, rich envoys "spread Chinese sound" story. Speech communication of Yanan spirit in the 95 anniversary of the founding meeting raised the students hot, everyone on the speech put forward in the quest for a better social system to provide Chinese scheme "strong response. Training squad leader, Ambassador to Italy Li Ruiyu said that the party’s 95 years of successful experience in the governance of the country, summed up the focus on the development of human society to explore the road to success in China’s proposed program. As a front-line diplomatic personnel, the Chinese program for the world to show, both mission and responsibility. In Yanan, the experience of teaching through classroom teaching, special field, we generally recognize that Yanan tells the story of good and vivid, spread the good spirit of Yanan profound understanding ", for foreign Chinese Communist Party is a historical choice, is of great importance to the choice of the people of this sentence. Brother in Kota Kinabalu consul general Chen Peijie said that the ideal because of its lofty and ideal belief, because of its dedication and faith in the future in the overseas period, to confidently proclaim our ideals and beliefs, to confidently describe our system and theory. During a visit to the Xi’an Office of the Eight Route Army memorial hall "held by the Quakers rescue team aid to China during the Anti Japanese War exhibition, school specially invited rescue team, the descendants of David? Dr. blouw and ambassadors exchange site. David’s father, Dr. blouw? Is a member of the Quakers rescue team to aid China people, he said with emotion, "some history will always be remembered, understanding these little-known story, both in the comfort of our ancestors, but also in the Enlightenment of future generations."   China Consul General in Manchester Sun Dali said with deep feeling: "this exhibition at the Chinese embassies and consulates should also be held, deep history show friendship between the two peoples fought, and to inherit the spirit of mutual support. It is of great significance to know more about China and understand china." Contribution to the wisdom of China, Tongchuan was a coal and industrial city, in recent years, gradually out of a transformation and ecological civilization "win-win" approach. In depth exchanges with the mayor of Tongchuan, the ambassadors who were combined with local conditions, suggestions on how to adjust measures to local conditions and economic development suggestions. A Latin American ambassador enumerates some Latin American countries rich in mineral resources, but not in the development from the national conditions and the actual situation, and now can not find a suitable path of development. Tongchuan’s practice for such a country has a certain reference. The practice of "The Belt and Road" in the economic development in Shaanxi, the training class visited the Xi’an international port district. The students in the comprehensive bonded zone, railway highway port, wharf and other sites to listen to the foreign port district planning, logistics industry development, incubation etc.)相关的主题文章: