To help the public welfare to Chinese water Bao wo – team leave

To help the public welfare "to" Chinese water Bao wo – team leave Beijing Beijing in November 7, the day before, sponsored by the German car Bao Wo large public environmental documentary "water" China days before departure ceremony held in Beijing. Germany wide Zhaopin SUV Po wo BX7 will assume the role of the rover, and a team of scientists, explorers and ordinary friends of the trip together exploration together to complete a month trip to find the water source. "Water" China documentary in the geographical source destination search point, Bao Wo exploration team will be the depth of experience and feelings of ancient culture along the river banks, visit the Tibetan herdsmen’s original state of life, to appreciate the simplicity of the natural landscape. BX7 will also lead the players in the experience and experience, the completion of the source of the heart to explore the appeal. This film will last 40 days, the indicators are the most similar to refresh the documentary, more than 7 thousand km of the road road, with an average altitude of 4500 meters in the Qinghai Tibet Plateau; over 15 mountains, 19 day camping, and through the inverse, and off-road driving on the way back to the source of all things on foot. In the journey to find water, whether it is the face of the weather, natural change unpredictably dangerous off-road conditions, or minus thirty degrees Celsius in extreme weather, Bao wo BX7 will rely on its abundant German power, powerful intelligent AWD and excellent intelligent technology configuration, to help the players to cope with the way all kinds of extreme conditions. Through the hardships and dangers, reach a mission to find water. Long-distance cross-country, especially non artificial Road in Plateau under arctic conditions driving the vehicle, four-wheel drive performance and cold reliability tests are great. The bear the responsibility of treasure adventure car wo BX7 is not common people. Bao wo BX7 equipped with the integration of Berg Wanner (BorgWarner) and fifth generation four-wheel drive technology of the five generation of TRW (TRW) iAWD intelligent intelligent electronic stability control system of the AWD system, according to the road conditions, in the precursor cruise, after flooding, four-wheel drive control, boost cornering and single side drive drive out these 5 modes of flexible switch to keep the torque distribution of each wheel grip between real-time adjustment. In addition, iAWD intelligent all wheel drive system but also in the pre loading mode, advance torque distribution, according to different road conditions to automatically adjust the drive mode, showing the technological advantage of the "rainy day", provides a reliable guarantee of driving performance both Ashkenazi and intelligent control is more team members. It is reported that the "Chinese water" documentary next year will be landing CCTV, domestic documentary major television channels and each big video website.相关的主题文章: